Why Should Accountants Pursue a Social Work Degree

Sure, want to try your hand at social work. We have highlighted some of the courses you need to take, besides courses to get a job as a social worker, besides your job as an accountant. Business is an appealing field and you may love doing your accounting classes. But every once in a while, the human mind and soul needs some variety. What if you start to find your accounting job boring and monotonous after a few months? If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to sit at one desk job for life and would like to have several career options, getting a degree in social work may just be the right option for you. Once you have completed your CPA review courses and your accounting degree, you may apply for a whole range of jobs.

Social Welfare

First and foremost, social welfare courses center around the history of social welfare services, the values of social welfare services and social welfare in different countries and cultures. In this course, students learn the role of a social worker in appropriately providing social welfare services and discuss critical issues relating to social welfare. Some schools offer specialized degrees just in social welfare as well. This is a well-rounded and recommended course for any business major looking for a second career.

Why Should Accountants Pursue a Social Work Degree

Social Policy

Social policy classes familiarize students with the legislative procedures that affect social work and other people. Students analyze the effects of the legal system on and examine the impact of social, political and economic factors on the progression and implementation of social rules, while also studying social issues such as homelessness and poverty. Accountants already have a keen interest in laws, and analyzing laws from a societal perspective can be fun as a second career.

Human Behaviour

Human Behaviour classes investigate how people’s surroundings affect their interactions with each other and their actions. They also examine how the environment affects the growth and learning of the human mind. In these kinds of classes, students learn how to effectively use social, biological and psychological outlooks when dealing with other people. If your accounting job is getting a little hectic for you, taking a course in human behaviour could be fun, and maybe even help you understand your present clients better.

Bottom Line

If you enjoy the field of business and accounting, but are on the hunt for a second career option because you want some variety, getting a degree in social work may just be the correct option. Accountants would benefit from getting a degree in social work because there is a wide range of jobs for social workers.

Hospitals, schools, medical facilities and other businesses constantly are in need of social workers; so there are plenty of opportunities for you to find work. In addition to these perks, social work is interactive and engaging. It would feed your passion of helping people. So, if you are looking for a switch from your work in the business field, you can go for social work.

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