Wedding Ideas for Social Workers

Social work is one of those careers in which you can genuinely effect a person’s life.  There’s no doubt in the fact that social workers have it tough, so when it comes to a little ‘me-time’ for them, it’s imperative that every second should count. If you’re a social worker who has their own wedding coming up and you haven’t been in touch with the ‘wedding scene’ lately, here are some fun and unique wedding tips for you.

Raw Bars

The raw bar can be a spotless, rich, cocktail hour presentation. Rather than heaps of shrimp and shellfish, you can opt for a ‘grab and go’ sea food assortment, including small plates of clams on a bed of ocean salt and individual shrimp mixed drink shooters in clear glass votive holders. Emphasize the menu with a topping bar: Cocktail, mignonette, lemons, and horseradish displayed in martini, highball, and rocks glasses. Small scale containers of Tabasco sauce will finish the look. Have decorative designs peppered over the raw bar, with hues complimenting the seafood.

Wedding Ideas for Social Workers

A Healthy Cocktail Bar

Disregard signature cocktails and plan a special bar offering a restricted menu of beverages all with something in common between all of them. While a few couples may settle on a tequila bar or a martini bar, you can likewise go the non-alcoholic course.

Help your guests remain healthy by serving health cocktails that incorporate freshly pressed juices and crisp herb accents.

Smaller Bridal Parties

The times of huge wedding gatherings are no more, and professionally, we couldn’t agree more. Nowadays brides don’t need the bother of listening to their friends complain about the dress and shoes they need to buy. And keeping in mind that not being a bridesmaid can save your companions up to $1000 or more, you can save cash as well, in light of the fact that you don’t need to purchase attendant gifts, bridesmaid bouquets, or bouts for the groomsmen.

Black and White Photography

Alongside the resurgence of film, black and white photography has made a major rebound in popularity as couples look for timeless pictures to add a touch of vintage to their weddings. When talking wedding photographers, make a point to inquire as to whether they can shoot both in color as well as black and white, and afterward ensure he or she catches formal portraits, subtle elements, and special moments in both. Use the Wedding Color Palette maker to choose colors for your wedding theme, and make sure that those are photographed nicely.

Craft Decor Elements

There has been an expansion in requests for craft and textural elements, for example, paper, yarn, buttons, felt, and rope to be joined into bundles, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and flower themed elements. This style is frequently found in brides who are moving from the DIY portion once again into the conventional and traditional floral design organizations. These same brides regularly play with the numerous vintage and bequest pieces on their tables.