Top 2017 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Social Work Practice

Starting your own social work practice is quite a challenge but it is also one of the most rewarding journeys on which you will ever embark.  As a social worker you have so much to offer to struggling families, people in terrible circumstances and especially for special needs children.  When you have your own practice you can help so many more people where social workers employed by a certain school, organization or government are often limited to certain groups of people and often restricted when it comes to the type of assistance they provide.  Solo social workers have the freedom to choose who they want to help, they have the freedom to extend their services until they see that those in need of assistance are fully adjusted and they can enjoy a lot more flexibility and mobility in their careers.  But solo social workers rely on a strong digital presence in order to make a success of their businesses and creating a sound marketing strategy can be tough if you aren’t the best digital guru in the world.  The following top 2017 digital marketing strategies are great ways to boost your online popularity and eventually your general profitability.

Get a website consultant to revolutionize your virtual presence

Today you don’t just need a website.  You need a good quality, easy to navigate, great looking website that is highly rated on Google’s search engine results and that promotes call-to-action instantly.  Website Strategies is a great Australian based company that provides website optimization consulting.  They can have a look at your website and quickly identify all the best areas in which you can upgrade for a much more successful and easy to manage marketing endeavor.  These web gurus can upgrade your website, improve your views, provide you with a great online marketing strategy and they can also inform you of the best social media marketing strategies that you can try.

Top 2017 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Social Work Practice

Become goal oriented

Once your website have been upgraded and optimized for the highest possible online presence and the most productive possible coverage it is time to get goal oriented.  Set yourself new goals each and every month and try your best to stick to these monthly goals.  A good goal strategy involves setting a goal for monthly escalading in the form of website views, signups, social media posts and more.

Create effective lead magnets

Lead magnets such as adverts should be upgraded frequently in order to remain captivating and to lure in as many people as possible to your website and social media pages.

Develop a call-to-action

Every advert you post, blog article you share and image you upload should contain some form of call-to-action that encourages viewers to continue further, find out more about your company and eventually visit your website.

Drive traffic

You can drive more traffic to your website by creating quality content on your website, blog or social media pages from which viewers can benefit and by using keyword strategies, by frequently online marketing and by encouraging people to react to your website.