Tips for social workers on choosing a good council leader

The leader for a place has a big influence on the place in general. It is therefore very vital to choose a good leader for the good of the council. There are many who claim to be leaders but their leadership style rules them out. Normally in choosing a city council leader elections are done where several candidates campaign to be elected. The different candidates will all have different portfolios and manifestos that they promise to deliver and it’s upon the community to choose a satisfactory leader. In order to get a good leader, it is mandatory for social workers to know the qualities that make a good leader so as to know who to choose. Some of the qualities of a good council leader include:

Tips for social workers on choosing a good council leader

Empathy: It is important to choose a leader that is empathetic. An empathetic leader will put themselves in other people’s shoes especially those that he is leading and this will make a big difference on his leadership and the kind of decision he makes.

Emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence is very important in all aspects. An emotional intelligent person will know what to say and when to say. With emotional intelligence they will be able to solve the problems of the council with ease and will be able to solve any arising conflicts wisely for more harmony.

Selfless: It is good to have a leader who puts the interests of others ahead of his own. That is why leaders are chosen unfortunately not all leader have this trait. A good leader should know that he was elected to serve and should be ready to serve. With selflessness the state of the council will improve and hence the community will be in harmony.

Good manager: A good leader should be a good manager. He should have good managing skills of people, time and resources. Once one is a leader, part of his role will be managing resources and therefore social workers should choose a leader they can entrust their resources with.

Team player: A good leader should be able to work individually as well as in a team. Leadership starts with an individual; you have to work well individually to be able to work well with a team. He should be a team player because at several point he will have to work with a team and the team is what will determine his success as a leader.


Since the role of a city council leader is mostly political, it may be a challenge for social workers choosing a good leader as most of the time politics is involved. And that is why there are some political organizations such Philadelphia 3.0 that consists of business leaders who are striving to change how city council operates. It is due to the thirst of better leaders and better managers that such organizations were formed. Since their formation they have seen immense level of success and the face of city council has changed.