Things Every Social Worker Should Take Care Of

Social workers are significant members of our society. They are the one that takes care of our society’s members who are neglected and financially disturbed. They make important contributions to the social welfare by working to improve lives of individuals and families.

They are a part of many services like educating poor children, a collection of funds and use these for the betterment of people, providing them with clothes and food.

They perform these services voluntarily just for the improvement of the society and in order to give individuals who lack sufficient money to live a standard life.

It is not easy being a social worker where you have to your life in order to serve others. The art of social work is never taught but builds within a person. Now, there are some things that a social worker must take care of:

Good Communication Skills

Good communication skill is a key point every social worker must take care of. This thing is not to be neglected. A social worker must employ good communication behavior so others may feel comfortable in talking to him/her and sharing their problems with them.

Smell Nice

A social worker needs to interact with a variety of persons. Children, families, women, and even officials, he or she has to go place to place in a single day so he/she should make a nice impact on people.

It is easily noticeable if a person does not smell nice, and consequently, it leaves a bad impression on individuals and they do not like to talk to that person much. A social worker must be fresh and fragrant all time, it is recommended that he uses cologne. Just a light amount of a fragrance so it is felt, never use over scent that is hard to ignore.

Using colognes is also a very good idea to make a positive impact on people. provides a guide for buying best cologne for young men to wear in everyday routine. For an effect that lasts the entire day, apply the fragrance on the warmest parts of your body. Do not apply it directly on clothes so that it just leaves a light lasting scent and not an overpowering scent.

The main reason to apply cologne is that you make yourself attractive. However there are numerous other reasons, it helps you to stay focused, and relaxed. Moreover, it improves your mood and increases energy. Top picks for men colognes include Boucheron Pour Homme, Caron Paris Yatagan, Lacoste Blanc Pure, Calvin Klein One and Burberry Brit for Men.

Respecting other people

Respecting others in every field is very significant. In fact, Thomas J.Stanley, who was a researcher, explained that “people management” is one of the key factors to attain success. And without respecting others it can’t be done. A social worker does not work for himself but for others. Therefore, he must respect all the other members of society equally.

Listening more than talking

People love to pour their heart out to someone. Listening others rather than talking always helps in mending people’s lives. Families or people who have faced difficult times want to share these things with others just to feel light and good.

The social worker must assure persons that they are not alone and they are always there when anyone wants to talk to them. Even if they can not solve people’s problem they must be there to hear them.

Treating people like their own family

Social workers who work for a special firm or organization become family to the members of the organization. They must listen and feel the hardships of people as if these problems are his own.

Problem-solving skills

A social worker must have enough skills to solve other people’s problem as much as he can. He must not overhear them but he should work over it. Even if he could not do anything about it, he should make efforts for it.…

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5 Characteristics Every Social Worker Needs

Social work is a demanding and strenuous job that often entails workers to shift between different faces and roles, be they advisers, caretakers, counselors, medical practitioners, administrators and many more. Though these varied personalities may look challenging since they seem to need an almost impossibly large collection of knowledge and experience, any social worker who’s well-trained and has a grip on the basic social work skills can do their job well on any given day. Here are five characteristics every social worker should have to refine on a daily basis:

  1. Empathy

Empathy involves the capacity to relate to and understand another person’s life situation. Both a mental and emotional technique helps social workers solve different problems by essentially walking in other people’s shoes. Most workers are usually empathetic since empathy is a natural requirement that seems inborn in most social workers who pursue the job.

  1. Drive

Along with being empathetic, a social worker should also have the ability to set boundaries and know the limits of what should be pursued and completed within a limited span of time. Setting lines and achieving set goals through a passionate drive can help you build confidence in achieving your goals without setting up any higher expectations.

  1. Communication skills

The significant thing for any social worker to do is to listen carefully, ask the proper questions, compute, and work with any relayed information so that the counselor can have a better understanding of the problem. This helps build trust and make clients open up, so workers can uncover vital details about their clients to better their situations as soon as possible.

  1. Social skills

While verbal communication is indeed important in getting adequate information, a social worker should also have a clear understanding of body language, and social behavior so that they can have a better understanding of where their clients are coming from. This is especially helpful in case of clients who’re too afraid, anxious or worried about sharing personal information with strangers. As a social worker, you have to cross any and all communication barriers to getting to the root of the problem so that you can quickly assess and implement possible solutions.

  1. Understanding of the law

Because many social work cases can be sensitive and may involve difficult situations that could breach the law, it is imperative that a social worker has a clear understanding of the law in terms of social relationships so they can appropriately treat each case brought to them.

Stinger Law is a law firm company that delves into the legalities of different cases of any variety, whether personal, social, political or otherwise. You can rely on the firm’s amazingly talented, dedicated, intellectual and professional team of lawyers, defenders, and prosecutors alike, who will work with you or your social work clients to get to the root of the problem and formulate your defensive strategy accordingly. For anyone with no knowledge of the law or anyone who’s looking for trained professionals to handle their cases, Stinger Law is the perfect choice for you.

Get defenses and acquittals for various situations such as DUIs. Work with professionals to map out the perfect legal solutions that can give you faster and better results in any social work case. For dangerous or important social cases that are highly sensitive, the legal teams at the firm are available 24/7 for help online, on call and even in person whenever needed. You can consult highly trained lawyers at unbelievably reasonable rates, without having to worry about unprofessionalism or any future defeats in your case. So click here or call (816) 868-1449 now, and get your social work case solved today!…

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How To Help Welfare Children Achieve Their Basketball Dreams

As a social worker, you want what’s best for the underserved children of society. Children deserve to pursue their passions, and it is your job to help make that happen. A lot of well-deserving welfare candidates can earn financial aid and scholarships based on their athletic skill for different institutes, and a popular sport numerous children aspire to become professionally involved in is basketball.

Here is a list of things you need to assist children pursue basketball as a viable career option:

An Outside Court

You would like to provide players with a suitable outdoor court. The area selected for the court should allow enough space to accommodate a large number of players. You may need bleachers for parents and other social workers to come and support the kids. Standard asphalt is the most common outdoor court surface due to its strength and durability. However, it will break down over time, leaving cracks, chips and other faults. Asphalt can also lead to injuries like cuts, scrapes or worse. Make sure they keep the floors polished and clear for safety, floor management and as a morale booster for the children.

A Blackboard

A blackboard is basketball equipment that involves a tall standing board with an attached basket. The height of the basket rim should be

  • Six feet for kindergarteners, first, and second graders
  • Eight feet for third and fourth graders
  • Nine feet of fifth graders
  • Ten feet for sixth grade and above, which is what most international kids shoot at, especially once in middle school.

A Basketball

Outdoor courts require more rugged balls than indoor ones. BBallWorld offers expert insight into what ball suits your required needs, as well as detailed information on the pros and cons of each brand, including pricing, material, rating etc. You can pick the ball that suits your specific court, in different sizes according to the children’s needs. Your kids can be provided pro basketballs at an affordable value so they can practice the right way. The site also provides Amazon links to various basketballs for quick and easy order placements. Some recommendations for the best basketballs for outdoor courts include:

  • NBA Street Basketball, with great grip and texture for $10
  • Spalding NBA Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball, with the NBA design, soft controlled grip and multi-use both indoors and outdoors (although it is less durable outdoors)
  • Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball, perfect for children since it is much easier to handle than other basketballs for smaller hands.
  • Molten GM7 Basketball, with amazing hand feel, and smooth grip that makes it perfectly usable for children.
  • Under Armour 395 Outdoor Ball, which holds air longer than most balls making it better for longer use.

For a more detailed information guide to the best outdoor basketball brands, discover here.


The last most important thing for your children is the right gear. You need to provide them with breathable jerseys and shorts according to their sizes, allowing them to practice freely around the court. Basketball shoes should be durable to prevent wear and tear, with a strong grip to prevent slipping or falling on falls. For outdoor matches, make sure to provide players with ankle braces and wristbands to make shooting and handling the ball easier. Provide each team player with water coolers or flasks for hydration, and towels to wipe sweat and prevent discomfort or slippage on the court.

Welfare children need continuous support and encouragement, so no matter what, even with just a few provisions, always be there to give advice and lend a hand wherever they need it, and be supportive of their dreams!…

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Career Advantages of a Social Worker

Social workers are people that are in the profession of helping others that are in need, and they require a special set of skills. Some of these skills include being able to listen to others keenly, compassion, and problem solving amongst others. It is quite a tasking job depending on the department in which one is working, since some are more demanding than others, while others require more expertise than others. In this article, we are going to look at the career advantages of a social worker.

Career Advantages of a Social Worker


Among the specializations that social workers can choose from include child and family, schools, health care, mental health and substance abuse. There are many governmental and private organizations that are looking for people to work in those fields and they include schools and hospitals.


Social work is all about helping other people, and this draws a lot of satisfaction from the workers when they succeed. Every single day they have to deal with mental or physical illness, unemployment, divorce, poverty, addiction, abuse and discrimination. This is information that has been sourced at the National Association of Social Workers.


Earnings depend on the expertise of the workers, and also the fields in which they are working. There are some fields that pay more due to the work involved and the expertise, while others pay more due to the risks that are faced by the social workers.


The outlook of the social work industry is showing good signs since it is projected to grow by an average of 25% between 2010 and 2020, three years from now. This makes it one of the most demanding professions, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. It will however depend on the area of specialty with the aging of baby boomers taking 34% for health care workers, and substance abuse specialists going up by 31 percent. There are those sectors that are still expected to grow, but it will depend on the amount of money that is allocated by the federal government.

Shelby Lawyers

The reason that we are now shifting to Shelby Lawyers is because of the dangers that social workers face every single day. There are those that work in dangerous neighborhoods, while still, there are others that are working in war torn regions. This puts them under intense risk as they could get injured. In the event that they get injured, they have the right to make their personal injury claims. This can be quite a tricky thing if they don’t know how to go about it, and that is where Shelby Lawyers comes in. they are located in North Carolina and are the perfect firm to turn to when you’re looking for someone to assist you to make your personal injury claims. Some of the other mistakes that social workers also make that could also lead to personal injury include:

  • Failing to maintain safe standards on their property
  • Selling defective or dangerous products to the public
  • Driving a car or another vehicle while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other distractions

In the event that there is an injury, Shelby Lawyers can take care of the formalities while the social workers recuperate, easing the burden.


Being a social worker can be quite a satisfying job and especially when you’re seeing positive results with the people that one is helping, and also when it is paying well. It also comes with its dangers to the workers. In the event of personal injury, the social workers should turn to firms like Shelby Lawyers.…

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Things Every Social Worker With an Own Practice Should Do At Least Once

Social work isn’t the easiest of tasks or jobs most of the time.  In fact it is probably one of the tougher jobs out there because social workers often endure a lot of hate and hate speech when their opinions or investigations don’t comply with the wishes of some clients or persons under investigation.  And running an own practice is even harder because generating a good income form social work while you are trying to create better living conditions for others is no simple task.  A lot of social workers are in fact surprisingly effective in their own practices mostly because they have entrepreneurial instinct and they frequently do self-improvement and self-investigations to identify the top places where they can improve themselves.  Here are a few things that every social worker with an own practice should do at least once in his or her life:

Things Every Social Worker With an Own Practice Should Do At Least Once

Get a professional to do performance measurement for your business

One of the first things you can do is to get a professional to evaluate the current performance of your business or to learn to do performance measurement.  Performance measurement is one of the basic managerial tasks for entrepreneurs because the data generated from these measurements are invaluable for determining the current financial and performance health of your business as well as for making the right decisions regarding the future.

Study key performance indicators

Another thing that every social worker with an own practice can do is to study key performance indicators.  By studying KPI’s you can learn to identify struggles in your own business, learn to measure performance and you will learn how to improve your own business or practice all on your own.

Study business marketing

Social practices rely on good marketing to be successful.  How will people know to use your services if they don’t know of your business?  How will they even know about available services like family counselling, financial counselling and more provided by social firms if these services are not advertised?  By styling basic marketing you can start marketing your business yourself on social media, blogs and through adverts so you can lure more clients and improve your business success rate.

Create and circulate a survey

It can be hard to stay objective regarding your own services when you have your own challenges and life to deal with and especially when your practice holds some sentimental value to you.  A good survey can be tremendously good for your business and your business conduct.  Create and circulate a survey to all of your clients or customers so they can evaluate your service delivery or perhaps give you some preferences regarding sessions.  You might just be surprised by the ideas and advice that some people can give and the general ratings are always great for helping you improve your service delivery.

Take frequent breaks

Of course you also need frequent breaks.  Work stress can affect your personality and the way you deal with your clients.  Take at least one break every year so you can relax, refresh and revitalize.…

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Movies Every Social Worker Should See

Of course, we understand that every movie on our list won’t be as impactful to some as it is to others. However, we also feel that social workers need to understand just how valuable they are to society. The social work field is rife with triumph and heart break, as are the movies every social worker should see. We think it is hugely important to embrace life from a realistic stance. That should help you feel less alone in your field and calling.

Feel free to visit FlixList Canada to see which movies on our list are readily available to you. Netflix is an excellent source of movies and TV shows that could have profound repercussions on your personal and professional life. And, there’s no doubt that the movies on this list will have that affect as well. Feel free to look them up on FlixList.

Movies Every Social Worker Should See

7 Movies to Add to Your Must See List

Social work is an admirable field of study. It allows you to directly impact the world around you by having access to people who need your guidance and support. The movies on our list will be representative of your field of interest and are therefore, 7 movies to add to your must see list. Check them out:

  1. Precious– This film made a lot of noise in the social work world. Mariah Carey is a social worker attempting to help a woman named Precious. Precious’ story is one of great pain and abuse. Yet, Mariah Carey’s character is able to free her from that cycle and open her eyes to hope.
  2. Who Cares about Kelsey– If you’re looking for a film based on real life events, this is a good one to consider. A school in New Hampshire provides assistance to kids with emotional and behavioral challenges through its social work program. The main character is much like Precious, an abuse survivor.
  3. Chains of Gold– Perhaps not one of John Travolta’s claims to fame, this movie is worth considering, even though it never made it to the big screen. Travolta is a social worker who is also an ex-alcoholic. His character rescues a boy from drug dealers and their violent gangs.
  4. Tough Love– Consider this documentary about trying to bring children home to the people that love them. It is an in depth view of the complexity of the child welfare system.
  5. The Waiting Room– Uninsured patients deserve decent care too. This documentary reveals the heartaches and realities of those who work at, or are served by, Highland Hospital in California.
  6. Inequality for All– Let’s talk money and the expansive economic gaps occurring in America. Robert Reich reveals the speed in which income inequality is spanning across the US.
  7. Walking in Oak Creek– View this disturbing documentary about the Sikh community in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Wade Michael Page, a white supremacist, killed six people in a Sikh Temple back in 2012. Yet, these people chose to hold peace rallies and fight to end violence rather than loot and destroy like many other groups have done in the recent past.

Some of these films will offer you an intriguing look into the human psyche. Others will leave you broken for the pain some choose to inflict on others. If you are interested in watching other socially applicable films, this is a good article.…

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Things you should do on your first day of work as a social worker

Starting a job is sometimes daunting and stressful especially if you are not well prepared. It is important to make the right impressions and that you are completely prepared for your first day. Your appearance and body language on your first day at work is incredibly important.  If you walk into your workplace you want to make sure that you have done some reading about the establishment that you are joining so that you look like you did your homework. Background reading is as important as making sure you take your study material with you so that you can reference anything you might find challenging. Click here to learn more about acing that interview.

Things you should do on your first day of work as a social worker

The most important thing to remember is that you have to walk in there confident and with your head held high. You have studied to be a social worker and you are now taking on your first practical job as a qualified professional. If you stay confident you will feel more comfortable in the new role that you are undertaking. After a couple of months you might feel confident enough to add to processes and make suggestions that your employer will appreciate. On your first day make sure you take along your tax number and other important details so that you have everything needed for admin and human resources detail.

Look the part. This is very important. By looking professional you will feel good on your first day. Make sure you take a look at this good resource for the best waterproof- makeup in case you have to handle your first case and your emotions run high. With this wonderful makeup you won’t have to deal with the embarrassment of a runny situation. This is perfectly normal when starting as a social worker because having to witness your client’s pain and hear their story firsthand will have an impact on you at first. Learning to empathize rather than get too involved will come with time and only happens with practical experience.

On your first day confidence is important but so is listening. If your new superior tells you about processes and teaches you pay attention. Don’t hit the ground running and follow your own ideas too much so that you are completely informed before just winging it. Observe what other social workers are doing and make sure you get a guru or mentor while you are there. This is ideal and should be someone that has a wealth of knowledge about the industry and that can give you key information and tips that will make your job easier and give you the tools you need to face challenging situations. Remember to ask as many questions as you need to ask so that you are always sure of what you are about to do.

The last point is to keep healthy and make sure you get enough sleep before your first day. This is a hard one because most of the time people are too nervous to sleep well. Click here for ways to sleep easy when stress keeps you awake.…

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Everything you need to know about becoming a social worker

There are many different tiers when it comes to social work all depending on the level of education that you decide to complete. You should at least have a bachelor’s degree to be considered for a career as a social worker. Social work is mainly a career that involves helping people in need. It includes values, theory and practice and is a very fulfilling position to hold. It is for the stronger person to handle because coming across certain severe and traumatic cases will take its toll on you as a social worker. You would need to provide counseling, therapy and education at times while connecting patients or clients to the right networks that they need to make it work and to get through a particularly difficult situation. Click here to take a look at some of the duties of a social worker.

Everything you need to know about becoming a social worker

As previously mentioned you can complete an undergraduate social work degree or graduate social work degree with various online studies that are at your disposal. If you are considering a career in this field you might want to take a look at various research websites that will give you more information about what to expect that will include sites like the foundation for defense of democracies which is a foundation that stands for democracy and that is actively involved in combating dictatorship and unethical treatment. Make it your business to find out about situations in your community and around your area and find empathy for those that suffer.  Social work exams are standardized and you would need supervised experience if you are applying for a full-time job as a social worker.

It is noted that many social workers enter the profession from a previous career as a nurse. It is a profession that is mainly focused on helping others so you would need to be a selfless person that can empathize but not get too involved. Social workers have to deal with a lot of troubling situations that most of us might not be able to handle. If you are a person that feels stuck in a rut and that you would like to get more involved in helping people in need this might be the ideal position for you. It is important to realize that you will be required to complete studies and that you will have to do a bit of practical work that will give you the experience to handle more progressive cases. Read more about the life of a social worker. As with any other career you would need to work your way up and prove that you are capable of handling the workload that you are given. You can also study part time if you don’t want to leave your career behind just yet with some great online study programs. It is a commitment you will be making so be sure that this is what you would like to do. It isn’t the right fit for everyone.…

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Gifts That Every Social Worker Would Love

Social workers are practical people.  They are constantly thinking of practical ways to help people, the community and those in need. Their work is often incredibly hard to do, especially when their work involves families and children and their work is even tougher when there is abuse involved in the work.  Social workers are important.  They change the lives of so many people.  If your life has been changed for the better then it is time to give a small gift of thanks to a social worker who had to go through so much to provide better care for you.  Here are some terrific practical gifting ideas that outstanding social workers would love.

Gifts That Every Social Worker Would Love

Knife sharpener

This is probably one of the most practical gifts you can give.  With a good quality knife sharpener you can keep all your knives extra sharp at all times which is great for making home life a lot simpler.  When knives are sharper you can prepare food much quicker.  The right sharpener will also help you save a lot of money because knives will last a lot longer.  You can visit to have a look at some of the best knife sharpeners currently on the market so you can choose the best sharpener to spoil that special social worker that helped you out.

Custom leather wallet

A custom made leather wallet is a great way to give a super special thank you.  You can get a gorgeous wallet made and get the social worker’s name engraved on the wallet so no one will ever be able to steal it. You will be surprised at just how beautiful some of the modern leather wallets are.

A good torch

The social worker was once a light in your darkness so give thanks by providing them with a light for dark times.  Torches are terrific gifting ideas because they are practical and they can keep someone safe because they reduce the risk of treading onto dangerous creatures in the dark.

Coffee machine

A lot of social workers will take some work home and work for long hours into the night.  You can help them stay awake and refreshed by giving them a coffee machine.  Some of the modern coffee machines will give you perfect coffee with each brew and coffee brewers that works with pods or k-cups will allow the social worker to enjoy various different flavors of coffee with each and every brew.


Lots of social workers give their all when it comes to their work.  They often have hardly anything left for a bit of self-pampering.  You can spoil your social worker a bit by giving a piece of jewelry that reminds them of their generous acts.  Lots of jewelers today can create custom rings, bangles and necklaces.  You can get a special message engraved into jewelry so the social worker can always remember you.

Stationery set

Stationery is something that every social worker uses and would love.  There are some terrific looking stationery sets out there.  Look for something that combines a diary with matching post-its, pens, pencils, erasers, a ruler, stickers and more.…

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Every Social Worker Needs a Vacation: Fighting Burnout

Social work is a stressful field.  It can challenge you mentally and emotionally, even if you love the work.  Without taking the time to relax and recharge, you can easily end up facing the signs and symptoms of burnout.  To help you get back to your usual self, so you can do the important work you do, here are some ways to help you defeat the burnout monster before it strikes.

Celebrate Victories (Even the Small Ones)

An excellent way to keep your spirits up is to celebrate every victory, no matter the size.  Even though the work is hard, social workers provide a valuable service to the community.  Any time that hard work yields positive results, take the time to recognize it.  It is easier to keep pushing through the challenges when you stop and appreciate the lights at the end of the tunnels.

Celebrations don’t have to be large, or even long.  Taking a moment to smile after a job well done, or having coworkers gather daily to discuss their successes, can help keep morale higher than not acknowledging the good times.

Every Social Worker Needs a Vacation: Fighting Burnout

Ask for Help When Needed

Social workers are generally the ones who provide help to others, so it can seem foreign to ask someone for help yourself.  However, feeling buried under your workload, or having issues coping with particularly difficult cases, can start a downward spiral that ultimately ends in burnout.  If you are feeling overwhelmed in any part of your life, don’t be afraid to ask for help from coworkers, family, friends, or mental health professionals.  In the end, you’ll be thankful you did.

Be Aware of Secondary Trauma Stress

Secondary trauma stress occurs when the trauma of a client becomes difficult to manage.  It can have signs similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, but the source of the trauma is considered indirect.  Some know the condition as compassion fatigue, though experiencing an event vicariously through a client can also lead to symptoms.  While maintaining an emotional distance is often advised, it is not always easy to switch off that part of your brain.  This is one of those times when asking for help should be a priority, as the effects of the condition can have widespread implications in one’s life.

Maintain Healthy Habits

To keep yourself in the best condition to battle stress, it is important to maintain healthy habits.  Make sure to eat right and take time to exercise.  Keep a regular sleeping schedule, and try to meet recommended minimums on the majority of your days.  Don’t skip doctor or dental appointments if you are feeling unwell, even if you think you are too busy to go.  By taking care of your physical self, you will be better equipped to manage your other selves too.

Take Breaks

Every now and then, all people need a break from their daily grind; social workers are no different.  Make sure you reserve time to yourself.  Unplug from your work email or other job obligations and focus on your wellbeing.  Reconnect with friends and family, or take time off for a vacation.  If there is somewhere you always wanted to see, like Paris or Madrid, find Europe flights and plan a trip.  Sometimes, even knowing a break is on the horizon is enough to lift your spirits.…

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