Why Social Workers Should Own Dogs

There is no doubt that dogs are man best friends.  When dogs are compared to cats, most people prefer dogs to cats as dogs are more social and loyal as compared to cats. Research shows that dog owners are happier and live longer as compared to those without dogs. One of the best breeds of dogs in the market is the Pomsky. Part of the reasons social workers should own a Pomsky is the fact that they have a good temperament and they are low maintenance.  They are confident, smart, loving, playful and of course loyal. Social workers need to spice up their lives in different ways to make their lives more interesting and one of the best ways of doing this is by owning a pomsky.

Why Social Workers Should Own Dogs

Having a Pomsky will have a great positive impact on a social worker. Some of the reasons are:

They will help you exercise

Most dogs needs to be exercised and a Pomsky is no different. By taking it for a walk it will help you to exercise too which are a great ways of burning calories. A pomsky will make you to commit time every day for its exercise. A walk of at least twenty minutes a day will lead to commitment to exercise which will have a big impact on your health especially in the long run.

They will help you socialize

Pomskies have a way of keeping loneliness at bay. They are loving and good company. Just like other dogs, they love attending dog shows which will help you socialize with other dog owners. By taking it for a walk, one can socialize with others as well. People are likely to treat you better if you are a dog owner than if you are not since they believe you are more approachable according to studies.

They keep stress at Bay

Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression. One of the main causes of depression is loneliness, when social workers have a dog they will not be lonely since they will have company and also a dog as a way of making you feel better. Dogs are very sensitive and they will know if their owner is depressed and will try every means to make their owner feel better. Studies suggest that due to the care that dogs demand, when the owner looks at them and the dogs looks good, oxytocin, the feel good hormone is produced which automatically makes the owner feel better.

Studies suggest that people who take dogs at work have lower stress levels throughout the day. The fact that dog owners can take breaks to socialize with the dogs; it helps to keep them more energized through the day.

Pets make you healthier

Apart from the fact that a Pomsky will help you exercise and keep stress at bay, also the act of just petting a dog is said to lower heart rate and blood pressure. Studies suggest that dog owners live longer as compared to those without dogs and this is the main reason I bet. You should go get a Pomsky if you don’t have one.