Shopify for Social Workers?

A digital presence and social media marketing is incredibly important for social workers with own practices, especially since a good marketing strategy can make the difference between making a success of your practice and closing the doors to go and work for someone else.  Most social workers with own practices already have a great looking and informative website and some even have blogs and frequently promote on social media sites.  This is just about all you can do online, right? Especially since social work sessions cannot really be sold on ecommerce sites?  Well, Shopify is slowly starting to change the way in which labor companies promote because their modern ecommerce stores can be used for services and not just for product sales.

Shopify for Social Workers?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a platform for e-Commerce businesses.  They currently have more than 400 000 businesses joined up and most of these businesses concur that this platform makes it much easier to manage online activities, an online store and online marketing.  With Shopify you get a website, online store and blog that, each of which you can fully customize.  Using Shopify for e-commerce makes everything much simpler for business owners because they can update, change and improve their webpages, blogs and online store themselves and the update process is incredibly simple.

Why Shopify is a great solution for social workers

As a social worker you don’t have any physical products to sell but this online platform is still terrific because you can use it for the following great reasons; 

Website – You can choose from more than 100 website templates and edit, adjust or change the content any way you like so it will suit your practice.  Social workers will save a heap of cash on web designers and the Shopify domain is a lot more affordable than most domain and web management solutions. 

Blog – A blog is a great addition for your business because social workers can feature useful information to lure clients to their services and they can promote specials and services.  Social workers can create wonderful informative blogs for struggling parents, parents of special needs children, struggling couples or struggling families. 

Ecommerce store – Social workers won’t be using the ecommerce page for selling products, unless they actually have a sideline business but you can list tariff fees for hourly sessions so anyone can easily see exactly what you charge for sessions.  Clients can rate and review your services on the ecommerce store which can be a great way to show others of all the benefits of using your social work services.

Shopify is the perfect solutions for social workers that like to be hands on when it comes to marketing their own services and especially to social workers that has a flair for writing.  This platform makes it incredibly easy to manage a digital presence and makes marketing a lot simpler since you can easily share articles and services on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can lure more visits to your page.