Should Social Workers Go for Fixed Gear Bikes?

Fixed gear bikes have grown in popularity and it is good to know whether a fixed gear bike would be good for you before going ahead to get one. The first step would be asking what are fixed gear bikes. Once you know the definition of gear bikes you will know how different they are and what differentiates them from regular bikes. Basically a fixed gear bike as the name suggests is a bike that has no freewheel mechanism. Some people prefer fixed gear bikes because of their simplicity. Some of other advantages of fixed gear bikes include:

Should Social Workers Go for Fixed Gear Bikes?

Pedal efficiency

A fixed gear bike gives the pedal more efficiency as you are required to use both your physical speed and momentum in order to maintain speed. The rear hub is constantly engaged and that gives the pedal more power for the bike’s movement.  This makes you use less energy while peddling.

Light weight

Fixed gear bikes are lighter in weight since there are no multi gears involved which may contribute to weight. It has been simply made in that it just has the frame, handlebars, drivetrain, wheels and seat post. It lacks many of what other bikes have such as derailleur, levers, cassette and brake assembly. The fact that it is more lightweight makes it very portable.

Low cost

Fixed gear bikes are normally cheaper as they have fewer components as compared to the other regular bikes. The cost can even be lower when you go for the brakeless version.

Low maintenance

The fact that fixed gear bikes do not have: multi-gear drive trains, disc brakes and caliper brakes make them cheaper. The more the components the bike has the more the maintenance charges since they will all require to be maintained.

A good riding experience

Many fixed gear bikes will give you a good and different riding experience as it helps you to have a better feel with the bike. With a fixed gear bike, the pedals don’t keep turning like the regular bikes and this helps you to be more in tune with the roads and the riding experience in general. The fact that the bike has les components makes the riding experience have a natural feel which is different and feels nice.


When it comes to fixed gear bikes, they have a different look altogether that makes them unique. With few components it looks nicer and also gives the owner the flexibility of customizing things to their liking.

As much as fixed gear bikes have many advantages, it also has some set of disadvantages and thus it is important for social workers to look at the disadvantages as well to help them make an informed decision. It might be exciting to many but may not be exciting to you depending on your needs. Social workers should also keep in mind that not all fixed gear bikes have been made in the same way and hence there are factors to consider making sure they end with the right one for their needs.…

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Things Every Social Worker With an Own Practice Should Do At Least Once

Social work isn’t the easiest of tasks or jobs most of the time.  In fact it is probably one of the tougher jobs out there because social workers often endure a lot of hate and hate speech when their opinions or investigations don’t comply with the wishes of some clients or persons under investigation.  And running an own practice is even harder because generating a good income form social work while you are trying to create better living conditions for others is no simple task.  A lot of social workers are in fact surprisingly effective in their own practices mostly because they have entrepreneurial instinct and they frequently do self-improvement and self-investigations to identify the top places where they can improve themselves.  Here are a few things that every social worker with an own practice should do at least once in his or her life:

Things Every Social Worker With an Own Practice Should Do At Least Once

Get a professional to do performance measurement for your business

One of the first things you can do is to get a professional to evaluate the current performance of your business or to learn to do performance measurement.  Performance measurement is one of the basic managerial tasks for entrepreneurs because the data generated from these measurements are invaluable for determining the current financial and performance health of your business as well as for making the right decisions regarding the future.

Study key performance indicators

Another thing that every social worker with an own practice can do is to study key performance indicators.  By studying KPI’s you can learn to identify struggles in your own business, learn to measure performance and you will learn how to improve your own business or practice all on your own.

Study business marketing

Social practices rely on good marketing to be successful.  How will people know to use your services if they don’t know of your business?  How will they even know about available services like family counselling, financial counselling and more provided by social firms if these services are not advertised?  By styling basic marketing you can start marketing your business yourself on social media, blogs and through adverts so you can lure more clients and improve your business success rate.

Create and circulate a survey

It can be hard to stay objective regarding your own services when you have your own challenges and life to deal with and especially when your practice holds some sentimental value to you.  A good survey can be tremendously good for your business and your business conduct.  Create and circulate a survey to all of your clients or customers so they can evaluate your service delivery or perhaps give you some preferences regarding sessions.  You might just be surprised by the ideas and advice that some people can give and the general ratings are always great for helping you improve your service delivery.

Take frequent breaks

Of course you also need frequent breaks.  Work stress can affect your personality and the way you deal with your clients.  Take at least one break every year so you can relax, refresh and revitalize.…

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Part-Time Business Ideas For Social Workers

How to Be Good in Doing Social Work

Several social workers remain indecisive about starting their own business. The question mostly hits their mind is, would they be able to keep themselves aligned with their purpose to serve needy people?Well, you surely can, if you stay loyal to your work. You can find plenty of examples where social workers are in charge of their business and yet being in the service of persons in need. Once you have made up your mind, it is time now to delve into the business ideas that better suit your daily grind. Read some opinionsfor part-time commerce you might like to consider in this regard:

Online Courses:

You can makean excellent profit by bringing your skills to use. Turn your expertise into an online course because there would be a significant number of people who are willing to pay to be an expert in the same field as you are in. Make videos and share your experiences and accomplishments in your life, career, or business. Create, host and sell your courses.

Commission-Only Sales:

The best part of being a social worker is, they are good at connecting and communicating with people. You can use your communication skills in a commission-based freelance sales. It can prove to be a great side hustle for you. Severalnew set-ups are out there who sniff out part-time or commission based sales persons. It is a home-based business idea. Make your own sales strategies and sell the products forafee.

Event Planning:

The events like birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, annual dinners, seminars, concerts,etceterahappen all the time. Take them as a business opportunity because planners are increasingly in demand. You have to have some management skills, an eye for style, and knack for anorganization to make this move rewarding. Cover all seasonal and non-seasonal events in your service if you want to continue this business all year-round.

Gardening Business:

Home-based gardening is a great source of income. The best part of it is, you can opt for this even with a little or no experience. The common tasks you are supposed to perform are watering, trimming, raking, digging, planting, hoeing, and leaf-blowing. Gardening also helps to stay physically and mentally well. You can earn even more income even you are creative and have that ability to turn an average looking garden into a paradise. You also need some marketing material to put the business on the run.

Poultry Hatching Business:

That might look odd one out, but this business is awarding if carried out as it should be. Egg and chicken both are animportant part of theAmericandiet, and their consumption hasundergone long-term growth trend in the country. Health and safety concerns should be your priority, and all your poultry operations should complywith USDA guidelines.

Another significant thing in your business is chicken incubators. Sometimes you have to speed up the hatching process and the animal cannot just quick up the development. Incubators are the option in that case. Go for the one you think can provide a high success rate. The things you should take into account are capacity, power supply, automatic turner, temperature control, humidity control, and what species of birds you need it for. Keep everything defined before making apurchase.

Rent Out Your Space:

People are always looking for venues for their events or meetings. You have an opportunity here to make money by renting out the place that is not really in your use. It is an easy-to-go business where no special skills are required.…

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Choosing A Camcorder for Your Social Events

As a social worker, you get to engage in a lot of social events. Sometimes it is good to record some of the events for memories. As much as nowadays anything is possible with a smartphone, having a camcorder will provide much more convenience and better footage than most mobile phones would do. As for the case where the footings are purely for work, you may not want to mix it with your personal stuff. Also recording with a mobile phone will fill up your phone much faster. Not many phones can do HD footage as much as they all claim to do. That is why you should consider getting a camcorder. Luckily, camcorders are now much more affordable than they were few years ago. To get the best camcorder however, you don’t just wake up and go to a store, you have to know what features to look out for and do a research and comparisons to get the best.  Some of the factors to consider when choosing a camcorder include:

Choosing A Camcorder for Your Social Events

Zoom lens

Zoom lens is the feature that enables you to record your footage from a certain point. With a high zoom lens it means that you have more flexibility on where you can take the footage from. Most camcorders have a standard zoom of 10X. The more the zoom ability, the better it is.


Different cameras come with different resolutions and the higher the resolution the better the quality of the footage will be. Resolution can either be standard or high definition. Standard is mostly used in informal settings since it has a low number of pixels. Most of the time, it is also relatively cheaper as compared to the HD resolution. HD resolution is the one that is mostly used in camcorder and normally it ranges from 720p- 1080p. There is a new resolution in the market the 4k resolution which is the best with the highest quality. It contains a resolution of 4000 pixels. It however needs a special 4k screen to feel the effect since if you use it on a normal screen you will get a HD resolution.

Sensor size

The sensor has an influence on quality of footage as much as it is mostly in proportion with the resolution.  A high resolution camcorder will require a large amount of sensor and vice versa. If however you have a choice to make between two camcorders with other factors remaining constant, it is better to go for a high sensor size. A large sensor has more sensitivity to light especially in low light settings hence will make sure you get a high quality footage even in low light.

File format

It is good to check the file format of the camcorder you intend to buy for more convenience. A camcorder with a file format that is compatible with your pc will save you much hustle when it comes to compression and decompression of your video files.

Image stabilization

No one wants to end up with a footage that is grainy or shaky. That is why you need to check out for image stabilization. This feature is not only important to people with shaky hands but to everyone in general. Image stabilization can either be optical or electronic.


With many great models in the market such as the canon xh-a1s will make sure you get quality footage with ease. Once you know features to look out for, you have no excuse not to get a good camcorder.…

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Taking a Break from Your Social Work

Being a social worker isn’t easy. You are so engrossed in others and their problem that you have a tendency to forget about yourself and your own well being. Well, that shouldn’t be the case. In order to ensure you provide the best social care for others, in whatever form that may be. You need to make sure you are happy. So why not take a break by going on a tour. We have tips for you to select the right tour for yourself.

Taking a Break from Your Social Work

Length of the tour

Now first before you even look at the length of the tour, you need to figure out how much time off you will get. Once you have that in mind, you can look for a tour that is for the duration of your whole off-time or for a fraction of it. Depending on where you vacation, whether it is within the country or abroad, you can find tours based on your preference.

Where does the tour take you?

You want to make the most out of taking a tour and seeing as many sites as possible. The reason why tours are a great option is because not only do they take you sight-seeing but also provide a guide that imparts knowledge about these sites to you.

If you are going to a brand new place, it is highly recommended you take a tour of sightseeing as it allows you to cover a lot more places in a limited amount of time and reduces the chance of you getting lost.

How much transit is in the tour?

We don’t recommend taking tours that include a lot of transit time. The last thing you want is to waste time on a bus going from one place to another. Yes, there will be some transit time when you go on a tour but you shouldn’t be on the bus longer than you are on a site. So consider that when you are booking a tour otherwise you may regret it.

How big is the tour group?

Being a social worker, you probably enjoy being in a large group, socializing with others or maybe not. Consider your preference for this. We recommend not going in a group that is too big because they tend to not be fun if you don’t know more people. Having a small intimate group on tour with you makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Will you be required to do a lot of physical activity?

This also depends on your preference. Many tours require you walk a lot around the site and otherwise. Do you enjoy walking? If you do then these are for you, if not then rather than a vacation the tour will be a nightmare. So be sure to do a little check on the physical activity required on the tour.

Lucky for you, many travel and tour operators have established their business online. So your research and overall booking process is made a lot easier. You want to go with a business that has a reliable tour operator software that not only provides you with a secure payment gateway but also functionalities for you to easily manage your tour. So take some time off and book a tour for yourself. Everyone needs a vacation now and then, so it’s time you take yours with a nice tour.…

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Social Work Means Teaching People Life is About More Than Themselves

Though they might not believe you initially, social work means teaching people life is about more than themselves. If you think through the issues that abound in the lives of your clients, there’s a pervasive truth at its foundation. People are wholly focused on their own well-being and provision. They want what they want when and how they want it. And, when these things do not occur, there is a rift in their happiness factor. These rifts cause people to do unthinkable things to people they are supposed to love and that leaves you trying to clean up the mess.

Sure, a lot of people will repeat the adage that money doesn’t buy happiness, but most of those people are broke. Maybe your clients will find a little bit of joy with some jingle in their pockets. Perchance you’ll want to point them toward lessons on wealth creation from successful entrepreneurs through Bengu. Maybe that will help alleviate some of their angst, but it will not get at the root of the real problem. Yet, maybe you can shine some light on that bitter root after you finish reading this piece.

Social Work Means Teaching People Life is About More Than Themselves

The Problem is Self

As a social worker, no doubt you have been trained to help build up the self-esteem of those who are under your care. That’s because the vast majority of the world seems to think that if we all just felt better about ourselves then things would be considerably happier. But the reality of the matter is, people think too much of and about themselves already. If we could teach them to be a little more servant-hearted, and a lot more loving, then we’d discover the key to true joy and bliss.

The Facts

Life is hard and that’s a fact. There are terrible things happening every day. People are decidedly evil to one another. They are vindictive, hateful, and self-serving. Life is absolutely challenging and getting through each day often feels like an award-winning accomplishment. But, it can be changed if we would alter our perception of self and those around. Learn more.

Grasping the Altered Perception

It’s easy to grovel in self-pity and woe-is-me’s when we’ve been the victims of abuse. It’s not hard to understand why the abused woman or man feels the necessity to hold the rest of humanity at arm’s length and yet the walls he/she builds in an effort of protection turn into personal prisons. Human beings were designed to be relational. We cannot pull away from trusting and engaging with others without significant ramifications on our morale and world view.

So, it’s time that we grasped an altered perception. One that puts other people first. One that says I’d rather be sacrificial for your well-being than be greedy and demanding of my own. The key isn’t really better self-esteem, but less focus on self at all. When we think only about our own desires and wants, we will discover that we are regularly disappointed. People and things will always fail us.

However, if we’ll learn to love one another as we love ourselves. Or learn the value of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, we will be pleasantly surprised by how this altered perception actually opens our eyes to truth. You do want the truth, don’t you? And you are in the social work industry to improve the lives of other people, right? Then don’t stop at this blog, read this too.…

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Shopify for Social Workers?

A digital presence and social media marketing is incredibly important for social workers with own practices, especially since a good marketing strategy can make the difference between making a success of your practice and closing the doors to go and work for someone else.  Most social workers with own practices already have a great looking and informative website and some even have blogs and frequently promote on social media sites.  This is just about all you can do online, right? Especially since social work sessions cannot really be sold on ecommerce sites?  Well, Shopify is slowly starting to change the way in which labor companies promote because their modern ecommerce stores can be used for services and not just for product sales.

Shopify for Social Workers?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a platform for e-Commerce businesses.  They currently have more than 400 000 businesses joined up and most of these businesses concur that this platform makes it much easier to manage online activities, an online store and online marketing.  With Shopify you get a website, online store and blog that, each of which you can fully customize.  Using Shopify for e-commerce makes everything much simpler for business owners because they can update, change and improve their webpages, blogs and online store themselves and the update process is incredibly simple.

Why Shopify is a great solution for social workers

As a social worker you don’t have any physical products to sell but this online platform is still terrific because you can use it for the following great reasons; 

Website – You can choose from more than 100 website templates and edit, adjust or change the content any way you like so it will suit your practice.  Social workers will save a heap of cash on web designers and the Shopify domain is a lot more affordable than most domain and web management solutions. 

Blog – A blog is a great addition for your business because social workers can feature useful information to lure clients to their services and they can promote specials and services.  Social workers can create wonderful informative blogs for struggling parents, parents of special needs children, struggling couples or struggling families. 

Ecommerce store – Social workers won’t be using the ecommerce page for selling products, unless they actually have a sideline business but you can list tariff fees for hourly sessions so anyone can easily see exactly what you charge for sessions.  Clients can rate and review your services on the ecommerce store which can be a great way to show others of all the benefits of using your social work services.

Shopify is the perfect solutions for social workers that like to be hands on when it comes to marketing their own services and especially to social workers that has a flair for writing.  This platform makes it incredibly easy to manage a digital presence and makes marketing a lot simpler since you can easily share articles and services on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can lure more visits to your page.…

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Social Workers Can Overcome a Bad Credit Record with These Tips

If you plan on becoming a millionaire then social work probably isn’t the best career path that you can choose.   Social workers are incredibly important in our modern world of chaos and have many terrific and rewarding benefits but sadly, money isn’t one of the biggest rewards.  Very few social workers earn a great income and this difficult job often results in many social workers enduring bad debt when they had no option other than dish into their own wallets in order to help those in need.  Bad debt can easily result in a bad credit record when there is just no way for you to get to all of the payments that needs to be done.  A bad credit record can be quite challenging to overcome and can leave you in quite a hitch when you cannot apply for any accounts, contracts or even buy anything that needs to be paid off like a vehicle for example.  Here are just a few tips to help you overcome bad credit easily.

Consult with a credit repair company

Ovation Credit Repair is a terrific credit repair company that can help you claw out of bad credit and help remove negative items from your credit report.  They also help improve your FICO score so you can get on with your life and finally get that loan for a vehicle, mortgage or insurance that you have longed for so long.  Ovation has been in business for more than 15 years and is rated as the #1 credit repair solution.  They have helped thousands of people overcome a bad credit record and regain financial security in their lives.

Social Workers Can Overcome a Bad Credit Record with These Tips

Create a plan of action

Once your credit repair company has assisted in improving your FICO score you can start creating a plan of action to get your credit accounts paid.  You can also decide to make additional loans and to stick to the payments in order to regain your credibility so you can become a secure investment for other companies.

Budget more effectively with this app

Mint is a terrific free app that helps you budget and manage personal finances much more effectively.  You can use the app to check your credit score, to schedule and keep track of all of your bills that are due and to help you budget so you won’t spend too much.

Set monthly goals

It is important to set monthly credit payment goals as well as future goals and to adjust these goals on a monthly basis.  With good goals in place you will stick to your payments easier and you can start working towards a much more financial secure future.

Try to generate an extra income

A sideline job can help you claw your way out of credit much faster.  Look for ways to earn cash on the sideline and look for investment opportunities that will enable you to enjoy a much better and more secure future once you have made your way back out of the depths of bad credit.…

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Loan Relief and Forgiveness Options for Social Workers

In the event that you majored in social work and are planning for graduation, student loans are likely putting intense pressure on you. Working in the field frequently requires a graduate degree. At the point when consolidated with undergrad debt, numerous social workers begin their jobs with up to $60,000 in student loan debt. What’s more, with a beginning average compensation of just $31,000, that implies many graduates struggle with it.

In the event that you experience difficulty staying aware of your installments, there are alternatives composed particularly to help social workers. Here are some of them:

Loan Relief and Forgiveness Options for Social Workers

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

In the event that you have government student loans, Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) can eliminate your loans after you have served for 10 years. PSLF offers student loan forgiveness for social workers, educators, and other public service representatives.

You should make 120 qualifying regularly scheduled installments while working all day for a qualified manager. At that point the legislature excuses the rest of the adjust of your loans. Dissimilar to some different forgiveness programs, the released sum under PSLF is not assessable, which can offer immense reserve funds.

To qualify, you should work for a government organization, non-benefit, or school for no less than 30 hours a week and make the majority of your installments on time. On the off chance that you are on an income driven repayment plan, those installments check towards your qualifying installments. That implies you can wind up paying back a great deal less and still have your loans forgiven.

Perkins Loan Cancelation and Discharge

On the off chance that you have a Federal Perkins Loan, you might be qualified for Perkins Loan Cancelation and Discharge. Social workers who pick a vocation working with a child or family services organization can get up to 100 percent of their loans discharged. You should give help to youngsters in low-salary groups, however.

Not at all like PSLF, where you need to hold up 10 years, the service will release a segment of your Perkins Loans every year. To see whether you qualify, contact the school you graduate from and converse with the finance department.

National Health Services Corp Loan Repayment Program

Licensed clinical social workers can get up to $50,000 to pay off their student loans through this program. To be qualified, you have to serve for a long time at an affirmed site in a high-need area.

The repayment assistance is not taxable as income and it’s issued toward the beginning of the program. That enables you to pay off your loans immediately and concentrate on your profession. For more data, visit the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration site.

Remember, there are other types of loans as well that you can opt for even if you are a social worker. Even if being a social worker, you decide to start a business on the side, you can opt for a commercial real estate loan. Make sure you collect all necessary cre loans data from trustworthy sources and proceed onwards from there.…

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