Making the Right Choices in Life

There are many things that are important in life and it is up to you to decide which things are more important to you and which are of lesser importance. That said, there are some common things that are important for everyone, such as taking care of your friends and family and ensuring that you have a stable future. After all, that is the reason why you went to school in the first place. Among these, once you’re older and have begun worrying about your retirement, if you’re worried about having enough money to lead a comfortable life, starting a self-managed superannuation fund might just be the solution.

Right Choices in Life


Starting up a SMSF

SMSF, or a self-managed superannuation fund, is a fund that is recommended for someone who wants to save up enough money for after their retirement and also have the freedom to choose where to invest it. However, starting such an account has both its pros and cons. Although you have the freedom to choose where to invest your money, it takes up a lot of your time and energy. You need to keep at it and unless you have the appropriate business and financial skills, you may end up failing miserably.

That stated, this is a great option for those that can manage such a fund. Starting such an account will ensure that you have saved up enough cash for a safe and secure future. Also, for those above the age of 55, they can receive a monthly income and if you retire, then you can also receive a lump of cash as pension from your SMSF account. So all that hard work does pay off, and it is indeed worth the effort.

Getting a social work degree

Another good option that you have in life is to pursue a degree in social work. If you happen to be a person who genuinely cares about the people of our society, this will be a very rewarding opportunity for you. Once you have your degree, you will be able to begin helping those that need help the most.

There are many career opportunities for those that decide to get a social work degree, such as becoming a social worker, a probation officer, an advice worker, a charity officer, a career adviser, an adult guidance worker, a counselor, a youth worker, a volunteer coordinator, a community development worker, and a charity officer.

If you’re serious about this career path, remember that having prior experience in this field is very important. You can either volunteer or find a paid position and work at places such as the community center. The main point is to find a role that can display your empathy for people and your genuine desire to improve the lives of other people. Also, it is useful to show interest in the matters that occur in your local community. For more information on the career paths that a social work degree holder can take, visit