How Social Workers Can Create a Healthier Environment for Kids

Social workers are those who work closely together with struggling families to help create a better life for children.  As a social worker you will probably witness a lot of heartache of families who simply cannot afford to take care of their kids no matter how hard they try and even more heartache when you see how some parents simply don’t care.  The kids that are under the care of social services have been through a lot and thus need the best care that you can possibly give them to make their stay a bit more comfortable.

Air purifiers for better health

Air purifiers are a great solution in care homes for children.  The air purifier’s help clean the air so kids will be less likely to infect one another with diseases and so they can think more clearly. The benefits of having an air purifier are;

  • Air purifiers help reduce the amount of dust and pollen in the air so kids who have sinus problems and asthma can be healthier
  • The purifiers places moisture in the air which provides a better breathing environment
  • These devices are excellent to reduce bad odors in homes for a fresher feel
  • The fresher air allows kids to focus more on school work and think more clearly
  • Air purifiers helps remove smoke from the air so kids will be less affected by harmful second hand smoke
  • Some purifiers are completely quiet while others produce a buzzing noise that helps kids sleep better in a strange environment

There are a lot of air purifiers on the market that will work fantastic to create a healthier environment. On you can view a list of the top air purifiers on the market as well as their benefits and their functionality.  The reviews will help you determine the best air purifier for your specific care home’s needs.

Healthier Environment

Indoor plants

Indoor plants are a great way to increase oxygen levels in care homes.  The beautiful greens will also create a more vibrant look and feel in rooms so kid’s natural energy levels will be stimulated and so they will feel less depressed.

Take away technology

Technology is something that causes a lot of obesity in kids and also enhances depression because kids have access and can see so many things that they simply cannot have.  Reduce the amount of television and smartphone devices the kids use in care homes so they will be more willing to spend time with one another and grow stronger bonds with other kids.

Outdoor games

The best way to take children’s minds off their troubled situations is by getting them outdoors for a bit of healthy fun.  You should research some fun games and activities that they will be willing to do.  A great way to capture the attention of even the most stubborn of kids is by arranging a fun information day.  You can contact a reptile company to display some snakes to the kids or perhaps hold a science day and get a professional scientist to tell kids more about the great world around them.