Good Family Shows That Social Workers Can Collect For Distractions

The world is often harsh and cruel.  This is exactly why we need so many social workers who do their best to transform the lives of people and especially children in need.  There are so many community workers that go above and beyond to help others live easier and better lives.  And the work and things they see while they are on travels or while they are doing their best to help out often takes a lot from them in person.  Watching a good show is always great for helping you relax after a tough day on the job or for social workers that just came from a long and tiresome community service journey.  Good TV shows and especially those vintage family shows are also great for taking your mind off all of the terrible things in the world and for restoring lifting your spirits a bit so you can get back to your normal lifestyle.

Good Family Shows That Social Workers Can Collect For Distractions

What you need to collect TV shows

You can sign up with online TV channels and get a computer with hard drive.  Many online TV shows allows you to download the show and episodes to your hard drive.  Once the download is complete you can watch these shows as many times as you like on laptop or directly on your TV and you can save the shows for as long as you want.

Good retro family shows to collect

There are plenty of terrific family shows that you can look out for.  The 80’s was known for their terrific family shows because this was the time when people still had big families which resulted in a lot of drama and humor.  Here are some great shows that will distract you from sad things you have witnessed while doing social work;

7th Heaven – This fantastic show was screened from 1996 – 2007.  Stephen Collins plays the role of reverend Eric Camden.  Eric Camden is a reverend, son, husband and a father of seven children.  This TV show had it all.  You could enjoy good laughs at some of the wacky things the kids in the family say and do and you can learn a lot about how to handle different situations and scenarios.  7th Heaven is a great show to enjoy if you need to relax and just enjoy a care free evening for a change.

Switched at Birth – As a social worker you are probably all too familiar with all of the difficult aspects of life and all of the different challenges that families deal with each and every day.  Switched at Birth is a show about two girls that were switched at birth and discovered their true parents during a science experiment at school.  The show features ordeals and challenges that the girls face while trying to grow up together now that their families have combined.

Modern Family – This TV show has been running since 2009 and is still tremendously popular.  You can definitely enjoy Modern Family if you want to get back into the family vibe.