Why Clean Homes Are Important For Child Welfare

Social workers frequently conduct home visits for children in their programs.  This is because the state of a home can give social workers valuable clues on the type of childcare that is provided in a home.  A clean home doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t a problem in a family.  Plenty of children that grow up in clean and tidy homes still endure plenty of hardships with regards to abuse.  Abuse and especially neglect is however much more common in families that live unhygienic.  It is also incredibly important for the child to have a clean and hygienic living environment so children can learn good ethical standards and so they can enjoy optimized health.  Here is how the state of a home can affect a child’s health:

Why Clean Homes Are Important For Child Welfare

Why Clean Homes Are Important For Child Welfare

Carpets and children’s health

Carpets can be difficult to keep clean and professional cleaning services are usually recommended for children’s health.  This is because of a lot of germs, dust mites and pollen can get caught and breed in carpets.  No amount of sweeping or vacuuming can get rid of these stubborn disease-bearing microbes.  Children that crawl, walk and play on dirty carpets are incredibly vulnerable to disease because of the high amount of germs that are hidden away. The only way to create a healthy home environment for carpeted homes is by getting a professional cleaning service like http://www.needtoclean.ie to come out and deep clean carpets.  These professionals will deep wash the carpets and will remove any dirt, mold, and germs so children can enjoy optimized health.

Linen and children’s health

It is important to wash linen at least once a month.  This is because a lot of germs can breed in linen and linen is also a great hiding place for lice and bed bugs.  Lice and bed bugs can have a huge impact on the overall appearance and health of a child and is a definite sign of neglect.

Clean cutlery and children’s health

Parents that don’t do their dishes frequently enough put their children’s health at risk because dirty dishes tend to attract cockroaches, rats and other disease-bearing pests that can harm children.  The dirty dishes themselves can also result in food poisoning.

Upholstery and children’s health

Upholstery has the same tendency to harbor dirt and germs as carpets and should also be cleaned professionally about twice a year.  With clean upholstery, children won’t be exposed to quite as many germs that can affect their immune system.

Bathroom hygiene

It is also important for a child to have access to clean bathroom facilities.  This is the one part of the home that is frequently neglected in inadequate parents and it is the most common place for children to get terrible diseases including sexually transmitted diseases.

Every child has the right to live in a clean and healthy environment and it is the responsibility of every parent to provide this environment to a child.  Professional cleaning services are the ultimate solution for parents that find it hard to get the time to properly clean out their homes and these cleaning solutions are a must for a safe and clean living environment.