Tips for social workers on choosing a good council leader

The leader for a place has a big influence on the place in general. It is therefore very vital to choose a good leader for the good of the council. There are many who claim to be leaders but their leadership style rules them out. Normally in choosing a city council leader elections are done where several candidates campaign to be elected. The different candidates will all have different portfolios and manifestos that they promise to deliver and it’s upon the community to choose a satisfactory leader. In order to get a good leader, it is mandatory for social workers to know the qualities that make a good leader so as to know who to choose. Some of the qualities of a good council leader include:

Tips for social workers on choosing a good council leader

Empathy: It is important to choose a leader that is empathetic. An empathetic leader will put themselves in other people’s shoes especially those that he is leading and this will make a big difference on his leadership and the kind of decision he makes.

Emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence is very important in all aspects. An emotional intelligent person will know what to say and when to say. With emotional intelligence they will be able to solve the problems of the council with ease and will be able to solve any arising conflicts wisely for more harmony.

Selfless: It is good to have a leader who puts the interests of others ahead of his own. That is why leaders are chosen unfortunately not all leader have this trait. A good leader should know that he was elected to serve and should be ready to serve. With selflessness the state of the council will improve and hence the community will be in harmony.

Good manager: A good leader should be a good manager. He should have good managing skills of people, time and resources. Once one is a leader, part of his role will be managing resources and therefore social workers should choose a leader they can entrust their resources with.

Team player: A good leader should be able to work individually as well as in a team. Leadership starts with an individual; you have to work well individually to be able to work well with a team. He should be a team player because at several point he will have to work with a team and the team is what will determine his success as a leader.


Since the role of a city council leader is mostly political, it may be a challenge for social workers choosing a good leader as most of the time politics is involved. And that is why there are some political organizations such Philadelphia 3.0 that consists of business leaders who are striving to change how city council operates. It is due to the thirst of better leaders and better managers that such organizations were formed. Since their formation they have seen immense level of success and the face of city council has changed.…

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Tips for Performing Home Visits

As a social worker, it is almost inevitable that you will be called upon to perform home visits of current and potential clients.  No doubt you will need some tips for performing home visits. It is certainly unnerving having to go into someone’s home. This is especially true when you don’t know the person or the area. Therefore, it is always advisable to err on the side of safety and precaution.

We want to keep you as safe as possible, so we recommend that you read this guide to choosing the best obd-ii scanner as well. The tips we provide for you in the following section will certainly be beneficial, but do not negate the value of the above link. Since you will need to take your car to these home visits, it is important that you keep it in optimum running condition. An OBDII scanner will allow you to determine why your check in light has turned on and what to do to fix it. This will help keep you out of danger should you need to quickly exit a client’s home.

Tips for Performing Home Visits

Keeping Yourself Safe on Home Visits

As much as we would like to think your clients are happy you are coming to their aid, some of them are not and others are simply mentally ill and cannot be trusted to make logical choices. Therefore, please adhere to these tips for keeping yourself safe on home visits:

  1. Schedule- Send a letter or make a telephone call to allow the client prior knowledge of your impending visit. Besides, you can probably get some background information and a feel for the current situation before you go for the visit. Get some great scheduling tools here.
  2. Don’t go alone- If it is even remotely possible for you to bring a colleague or other employee with you on these visits, do so. As a woman, bringing a male colleague with you is highly advisable.
  3. Try the office– Some home visits can happen just as successfully within the confines of your office. No doubt a number of your clients would prefer that as well.
  4. Bring your cell phone– Do not enter a client’s home without ensuring that your cell phone is receiving service and is fully charged.
  5. Bring a cop– If you suspect that a visit could go wrong, ask for a police officer to accompany you. Learn more.
  6. Tell people where you’re going– Don’t go to a home visit without allowing your peers and supervisors to know that’s where you are going.
  7. Know your exits– Be sure that you understand how to exit any home, building, or other meeting space. Examine them prior to entering if necessary.
  8. Be careful on the elevator– If the people on the elevator seem suspicious, wait for the next one. Act like you’re on a phone call to avoid anxiety if necessary. And, if you feel frightened while on the elevator, press the button for the next floor so that you can get off immediately.
  9. Do a joint visit- If your client allows, ask for another family member to be present during the visit.
  10. Pay attention– You need to be vigilant about knowing your surroundings and assessing each individual situation and locale. Know what’s happening around you at all times.

There are a number of other tips available to you at this site. And, we would recommend that you read them all before performing a home visit as a social worker.…

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The Importance of Diagnostics

Diagnostic tests are very important because they improve patient care, contribute to the protection of consumer health, and help to limit healthcare spending, which is a major economic issue in every country throughout the world.

Improving Patient Care

Between 60% and 70% of medical decisions are made based on vitro diagnostic test results. The quality of care is impacted by diagnostics in the following ways:

  • Detecting and diagnosing disease more rapidly and at an earlier stage, even before symptoms occur,
  • Determining disease risk earlier,
  • Choosing more targeted, effective, and often less invasive treatments,
  • Monitoring treatment to effectively manage chronic diseases
  • Estimating patient prognosis.

The Importance of Diagnostics

Protecting Consumer Health

Diagnostic tests are used by food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies to check on the microbiological quality of their products and the environment in which they are manufactured. These quality control tools ensure that the products are safe to use, protecting consumer health.

Positive Impact on Healthcare Costs

Healthcare spending is also controlled by diagnostic because appropriate tests are carried out in time, reducing the risk of trial and error treatment or over prescription. Despite the fact that majority of medical decisions are made based on diagnostics, only 1% of funds are allocated to healthcare around the world. The cost of in vitro tests is generally very low compared with:

  • The medical service provided
  • The savings generated by shortening the time taken to provide treatment
  • The duration of hospital stays

True Health Diagnostics buys bankrupt Health Diagnostics Laboratory for $37.1 million

Since we are talking about health diagnostics, we can now take a look at True Health Diagnostics, who bought the cash strapped Health Diagnostics Laboratory. They are supposed to pay $37.1 million for the laboratory, making it the largest provider of its type in the country.

Located in Frisco, Texas, True Health took over Health Diagnostics of Richmond, Virginia, with a court supervising the bankruptcy auction on September 11, according to the company. True Health is now the premier diabetes and cardiovascular advanced clinical diagnostics in the United States, according to their CEO, Chris Grottenthaler.

The sale by Health Diagnostics ends a decline that began with a whistleblower-based federal investigation into claims the cardiovascular testing laboratory, along with Singulex Inc. of California, paid physician’s kickbacks for patient referrals, according to the Department of Justice.

According to the Justice department, in April, the federal government announced settlements with both companies, HDL agreeing to pay $47 million and Singulex, $1.5 million respectively. HDL admitted to not doing anything wrong. Started in 2008, HDL had grown to a company with a revenue of $374 million in 2013, with $152 million of that coming from Medicare, according to the Wall Street Journal. A fraud investigation led to the resignation of the CEO, Tonya Mallory, as the company business began to unravel.

According to the Wall Street Journal, through court papers, HDL said, “The confluence of these events” and “certain payer issues and changes in billing practices in certain states that affected the fees earned by HDL from each sample test” hit the company’s business hard. Health Diagnostics Laboratory filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for reorganization and offered itself for sale to pay off debts.

True Health agreed to pay $37.1 million to take over all of HDL’s business assets, $5.1 million more than its initial bid, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The final approval of the sale is expected from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court on September 16.

True Health Diagnostics specializes in bio-markers, enabling healthcare providers to more accurately diagnose, manage, and prevent the progression of cardiovascular diseases, genetic disorders, diabetes and other metabolic conditions, according to the company. HDL provides tests designed to detect early signs of conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Acquiring HD gave the providers additional diagnostics to help them improve early detection, reduce risk and costs, and save lives, according to True Health. True Health will operate HDL’s operations in Richmond.…

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Wedding Ideas for Social Workers

Social work is one of those careers in which you can genuinely effect a person’s life.  There’s no doubt in the fact that social workers have it tough, so when it comes to a little ‘me-time’ for them, it’s imperative that every second should count. If you’re a social worker who has their own wedding coming up and you haven’t been in touch with the ‘wedding scene’ lately, here are some fun and unique wedding tips for you.

Raw Bars

The raw bar can be a spotless, rich, cocktail hour presentation. Rather than heaps of shrimp and shellfish, you can opt for a ‘grab and go’ sea food assortment, including small plates of clams on a bed of ocean salt and individual shrimp mixed drink shooters in clear glass votive holders. Emphasize the menu with a topping bar: Cocktail, mignonette, lemons, and horseradish displayed in martini, highball, and rocks glasses. Small scale containers of Tabasco sauce will finish the look. Have decorative designs peppered over the raw bar, with hues complimenting the seafood.

Wedding Ideas for Social Workers

A Healthy Cocktail Bar

Disregard signature cocktails and plan a special bar offering a restricted menu of beverages all with something in common between all of them. While a few couples may settle on a tequila bar or a martini bar, you can likewise go the non-alcoholic course.

Help your guests remain healthy by serving health cocktails that incorporate freshly pressed juices and crisp herb accents.

Smaller Bridal Parties

The times of huge wedding gatherings are no more, and professionally, we couldn’t agree more. Nowadays brides don’t need the bother of listening to their friends complain about the dress and shoes they need to buy. And keeping in mind that not being a bridesmaid can save your companions up to $1000 or more, you can save cash as well, in light of the fact that you don’t need to purchase attendant gifts, bridesmaid bouquets, or bouts for the groomsmen.

Black and White Photography

Alongside the resurgence of film, black and white photography has made a major rebound in popularity as couples look for timeless pictures to add a touch of vintage to their weddings. When talking wedding photographers, make a point to inquire as to whether they can shoot both in color as well as black and white, and afterward ensure he or she catches formal portraits, subtle elements, and special moments in both. Use the Wedding Color Palette maker to choose colors for your wedding theme, and make sure that those are photographed nicely.

Craft Decor Elements

There has been an expansion in requests for craft and textural elements, for example, paper, yarn, buttons, felt, and rope to be joined into bundles, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and flower themed elements. This style is frequently found in brides who are moving from the DIY portion once again into the conventional and traditional floral design organizations. These same brides regularly play with the numerous vintage and bequest pieces on their tables.…

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Movies Every Social Worker Should See

Of course, we understand that every movie on our list won’t be as impactful to some as it is to others. However, we also feel that social workers need to understand just how valuable they are to society. The social work field is rife with triumph and heart break, as are the movies every social worker should see. We think it is hugely important to embrace life from a realistic stance. That should help you feel less alone in your field and calling.

Feel free to visit FlixList Canada to see which movies on our list are readily available to you. Netflix is an excellent source of movies and TV shows that could have profound repercussions on your personal and professional life. And, there’s no doubt that the movies on this list will have that affect as well. Feel free to look them up on FlixList.

Movies Every Social Worker Should See

7 Movies to Add to Your Must See List

Social work is an admirable field of study. It allows you to directly impact the world around you by having access to people who need your guidance and support. The movies on our list will be representative of your field of interest and are therefore, 7 movies to add to your must see list. Check them out:

  1. Precious– This film made a lot of noise in the social work world. Mariah Carey is a social worker attempting to help a woman named Precious. Precious’ story is one of great pain and abuse. Yet, Mariah Carey’s character is able to free her from that cycle and open her eyes to hope.
  2. Who Cares about Kelsey– If you’re looking for a film based on real life events, this is a good one to consider. A school in New Hampshire provides assistance to kids with emotional and behavioral challenges through its social work program. The main character is much like Precious, an abuse survivor.
  3. Chains of Gold– Perhaps not one of John Travolta’s claims to fame, this movie is worth considering, even though it never made it to the big screen. Travolta is a social worker who is also an ex-alcoholic. His character rescues a boy from drug dealers and their violent gangs.
  4. Tough Love– Consider this documentary about trying to bring children home to the people that love them. It is an in depth view of the complexity of the child welfare system.
  5. The Waiting Room– Uninsured patients deserve decent care too. This documentary reveals the heartaches and realities of those who work at, or are served by, Highland Hospital in California.
  6. Inequality for All– Let’s talk money and the expansive economic gaps occurring in America. Robert Reich reveals the speed in which income inequality is spanning across the US.
  7. Walking in Oak Creek– View this disturbing documentary about the Sikh community in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Wade Michael Page, a white supremacist, killed six people in a Sikh Temple back in 2012. Yet, these people chose to hold peace rallies and fight to end violence rather than loot and destroy like many other groups have done in the recent past.

Some of these films will offer you an intriguing look into the human psyche. Others will leave you broken for the pain some choose to inflict on others. If you are interested in watching other socially applicable films, this is a good article.…

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Technology’s Impact on Social Work

In years gone by, social workers and others in the helping fields were protected by the fact that clients only had access to them in the office. While technology has certainly opened new and beneficial doors, it has also created quite a conundrum in the social work field. When clients have access to us through emails, texts, social networking, and other means, how are we to protect their confidentiality and still keep ourselves properly separate from them and their issues? It’s time to look at technology’s impact on social work.

If your personal cell phone preference happens to be an iPhone, you may find yourself in need of a new battery. You can visit Amazon and buy here. This way, when your phone blows up with client texts, you will be less concerned about battery usage. The CE/ROHS certified battery you will acquire, for under $20, will bring your phone back to like-new-functionality. And, you can learn how to install the new battery via YouTube. That will allow you to readily return to the pressing issues your clients have. However, something will have to give because text messages could come in all day long if you don’t set proper boundaries.

Technology’s Impact on Social Work

Technology and Social Work Ethics

While at first glance, text messages don’t seem problematic, the truth is, when a suicidal client texts at 3 am, decisions must be made. Will you blow off confidentiality and contact law enforcement? Will you risk unsupervised conversations? And will you willingly, donate your time, as you probably won’t get paid for that investment? These are important questions and their answers might change your stance on the use of technology with your clients.

Consider the ethical questions that can arise when an employer asks the social workers on his/her team to use their cell phones for work purposes. Consider these questions in case your boss wants you to start using your phone to handle issues with your clients:

  1. Are bosses allowed to ask you to use your personal cell phone?
  2. Will state law require them to pay you for that usage?
  3. Can they make you answer calls/texts outside of work hours?
  4. What about when you are on vacation?
  5. If you do respond outside of normal hours, will the boss be responsible for your conduct?
  6. Will they have to protect you legally and ethically in any malpractice issues that might arise? Read this.
  7. If you don’t respond to clients outside of working hours, are you responsible for what may occur?
  8. How will you ensure that confidentiality is kept while on the call or through texts?

The Answers

As much as we would like to offer you some very specific, black and white answers to those questions, we simply can’t. Every situation is different and the ethics behind the responses are case sensitive. However, we do know that if an agency expects various forms of technology to be utilized by you and your clients, that technology should be provided by them. It should never be your personal equipment.

And, you need to ensure that your professional boundaries are adhered to in all situations and circumstances. Do not deviate from the NASW Code of Ethics for any purpose. Using your personal phone will violate those boundaries. Clients in crisis, will need to reach out to the appropriate authorities in the middle of the night rather than calling on you, so long as those boundaries remain intact.

If you need more information on this topic there is a great article located here.…

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Affordable Ways to Upgrade a Social Work Centrum

A lot of social work centrums rely on donations for upgrades and maintenance.  These centrums are important because they give social workers a place to gather for meetings and they often offer accommodation to those in need. Social work centrums are also a great place to provide training workshops to uninformed individuals like young mothers, alcoholics, drug addicts and more.  It is important to frequently upgrade your centrum so those that visit there can feel welcome and wanted and so they too can enjoy luxury treatment.  It is however quite tough to get enough cash for good upgrades and you really need to invest in exceptional quality upgrades because social work centrums cannot afford to redo upgrades every few years.  Here are some affordable upgrade solutions that will look fantastic at the social work centrums as well as at the homes of social workers.

Affordable Ways to Upgrade a Social Work Centrum

Consider Liquid limestone surfaces

If your centrum is in need of a beautiful surface then you can definitely consider liquid limestone surfaces.  Liquid limestone can be used in driveways, on patios, in the garden, around the pool, in parking areas and basically anywhere else where you might need and outdoor seating solution.  Liquid limestone is affordable, cool to the touch even on hot days and in direct sunlight and best of all it is affordable.  Your centrum will get an instant upgrade at an affordable rate and you and people in need will be able to enjoy much more functionality thanks to these solutions.  Click here to find out more about liquid limestone.

Exposed Aggregate surfaces are also gorgeous

If liquid limestone isn’t quite what you are looking for then you can definitely consider exposed aggregate surfaces.  Exposed aggregate is incredibly popular right now for the simple reason of it being beautiful.  Different colored construction aggregate are used to create different looks and you can choose from a great variety of colors when you get aggregate.  Acacia Final, Banksia, Black Sheoak, Blackbutt, Bubblegum, Boab, Bottlebrush, Eucalyptus Final, Ghost Maple, Hibiscus, Jarrah, Kapok, Karri and Magnolia are just a few of the glorious exposed aggregate types that you can definitely consider for your centrum.  The exposed aggregate can be used on just about any surface in your home or centrum.  You can use it in your driveway, on the porch, around the pool, as a walkway around your centrum or you can use exposed aggregate to create an outdoor workshop area.

Upgrade your garden

One of the most affordable ways to improve the general look of a social centrum is to upgrade the garden.  A beautiful garden gives problem people a place to reflect on their lives and to relax while they rebound from terrible decisions.  A gorgeous garden is also the best way to improve property value and there are so many different looks you can create for your centrum with different types of plants.

All of these beautiful upgrades are definitely worth saving up for.  If your centrum is in need of a bit of attention then it is time to get your posters out and to start asking for donations so you can get the transformations you need and help others transform their lives as well.…

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Why Social Workers Should Own Dogs

There is no doubt that dogs are man best friends.  When dogs are compared to cats, most people prefer dogs to cats as dogs are more social and loyal as compared to cats. Research shows that dog owners are happier and live longer as compared to those without dogs. One of the best breeds of dogs in the market is the Pomsky. Part of the reasons social workers should own a Pomsky is the fact that they have a good temperament and they are low maintenance.  They are confident, smart, loving, playful and of course loyal. Social workers need to spice up their lives in different ways to make their lives more interesting and one of the best ways of doing this is by owning a pomsky.

Why Social Workers Should Own Dogs

Having a Pomsky will have a great positive impact on a social worker. Some of the reasons are:

They will help you exercise

Most dogs needs to be exercised and a Pomsky is no different. By taking it for a walk it will help you to exercise too which are a great ways of burning calories. A pomsky will make you to commit time every day for its exercise. A walk of at least twenty minutes a day will lead to commitment to exercise which will have a big impact on your health especially in the long run.

They will help you socialize

Pomskies have a way of keeping loneliness at bay. They are loving and good company. Just like other dogs, they love attending dog shows which will help you socialize with other dog owners. By taking it for a walk, one can socialize with others as well. People are likely to treat you better if you are a dog owner than if you are not since they believe you are more approachable according to studies.

They keep stress at Bay

Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression. One of the main causes of depression is loneliness, when social workers have a dog they will not be lonely since they will have company and also a dog as a way of making you feel better. Dogs are very sensitive and they will know if their owner is depressed and will try every means to make their owner feel better. Studies suggest that due to the care that dogs demand, when the owner looks at them and the dogs looks good, oxytocin, the feel good hormone is produced which automatically makes the owner feel better.

Studies suggest that people who take dogs at work have lower stress levels throughout the day. The fact that dog owners can take breaks to socialize with the dogs; it helps to keep them more energized through the day.

Pets make you healthier

Apart from the fact that a Pomsky will help you exercise and keep stress at bay, also the act of just petting a dog is said to lower heart rate and blood pressure. Studies suggest that dog owners live longer as compared to those without dogs and this is the main reason I bet. You should go get a Pomsky if you don’t have one.…

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Stay Legal While Doing Social Work

Helping others is hard work, especially when you have to be so careful to stay legal when trying to help those in need.  Yes, you are probably working for free and you are working towards making society a better place but that does not mean that social workers get a free pass to go wherever they like or to set up organizations and care homes wherever they like.  You still have to abide by laws and mind community rules no matter how noble or humble your organization or ideas are.  And sometimes you even have to argue and fight rules and regulations in order to get the green light for your projects that will help make a better future to those that need help.  Even the best and most noble of social workers can benefit from good legal advice every now and then and they also need the protection of lawyers to keep them safe in terrible situations.

Stay Legal While Doing Social Work

Stay safe while working for the government or organizations

Doing social work for the government and for organizations can be tough because it sometimes means stepping into abusive families to protect the rights of children.  This job brings froth lots of challenges and social workers can soon face terrible charges from those families in which they interfere.  Social workers also need protection from their employers to ensure that they aren’t exploited or left vulnerable in their positions.  Every employed social worker needs to be familiar with a good employment lawyer that will help protect them in case of unfair treatment, discrimination and to protect them against charges made towards them.

Ensure that your organization is completely legal

If you want to start a not for profit social organization then you still have to ensure that the organization is registered and operated completely legally.  Visiting a lawyer regarding all of your registrations, accounts and employer contracts is the best way to ensure that your organization functions completely legal.

Ensure that social projects are legal

A lot of social workers endure lots of terrible comments, hateful remarks and terrible accusations regarding projects like fund raisings.  You have to be able to show anyone exactly how the capital that you raised is utilized and you have to be able to prove that the fundraising was done completely legally and the best way to do this is to consult with a professional lawyer well before you launch any projects.

Enjoy protection from toxic people

Jealous people are quick to make accusations which can lead to discrimination, hate speech and even charges against you.  Every social worker has to get acquainted with a good lawyer to get the protection they need from these toxic individuals so they won’t be charged unfairly.

Recover from mistakes

Anyone can make a mistake.  It is so easy to start a project without being aware that certain practices of your project is illegal and it is also incredibly easy to violate other’s rights when you weren’t aware that your project or organization will cause harm to certain neighborhoods or even when breaking the law is the only way to help someone. A lawyer can help you recover from mistakes so you can get out there again to help those in need.…

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Get Rid of Your Gambling Addiction

One of the worst things to get addicted to is gambling. Out of numerous things in the World that can actually make a person suffer from anxiety, angst, and financial crises, gambling is on the top. Gambling is really something that you cannot easily get over. You need to have a robust will power if you actually need to conquer your addiction of gambling. If you are a person who is addicted to gambling and you intend to stop it and regain control of your Finances and Relationships again, you need proper guidance and direction in order to get rid of it. Read some of the best ways to get rid of the gambling addiction here:

Get Rid of Your Gambling Addiction

  • Find A New Activity:

You really need to find something new to do in all of your leisure time. Find a new activity that would attract you more as compared to the urge of going for the gambling spree once again. For that reason, you need to find and persuade your real passion!

If you good at painting, just go out and put your canvas on the ground to start painting something astounding. If you love to read, spend the most of your time in the library and read your favorite books. If you love to write, go ahead and write your heart out. Go for the activities that will let you have a good time with yourself!

  • Give Hold Of Your Money To Someone Else:

Another thing you can do in order to get over your gambling addiction is to avoid your hands on any kind of money at all. Find someone who you really trustful and give him or her hold of your money. You may choose your mother, father, one of your siblings or your spouse.

Since you won’t have any money on you, you won’t think of gambling and therefore, you lose nothing. Practicing this virtue for a while would help you get over the addiction of gambling.

  • Make An Aim:

You can avert your gambling habit if you have a burning desire to get rid of it. If you are addicted to gambling and can’t get over it, you really need to think of all the aims and goals that you have in your life. If you don’t have much, develop strong aims to attain in your life. Everyone looks forward to having something in his life like buying himself a house or driving his own car.

You need to try and recollect all of your aims you had when you were young! If you wanted a house of your own at that time, you would surely have bought it by now if you had not lost an ample amount of money in gambling. Do remember your goals and work really hard to achieve them and make yourself proud. In this way, you are likely to get rid of this addiction soon.

  • Have A Pet:

If you have never had a pet, you need to own one. Buying yourself a pet will create your bond with him and this could distract you from gambling because you won’t find spare time. Consider getting a dog as a pet because it is most likely to help you out in this scenario.

You can take your dog out for a walk and spend ample time with him to divert your mind from gambling. Nonetheless, when you go out for the walk, make sure to have a leash that could be found on around his neck so that he doesn’t run away.…

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