The Best Site for Quick Technology Fixes for Social Workers

Technology makes social work a lot easier in many ways.  Technology enables you to create awareness for social projects so you can get people the help and financial assistance they need.  Technology enables you to keep in touch with anyone from anywhere.  Computers and programs are vital for keeping track of the financial health of an organization as well as for keeping track of people in need of assistance and technology give you full access to plenty of educational resources.  But technological devices and websites can sometimes be quite a headache when they don’t seem to work and it’s hard to get the help you need for your tech when you are out in the field doing social work.  Luckily a website has finally been designed to give you all of the techno assistance you will need to help you out at any time.

The best how to website for your techno issues

Tech Online Guide is a brand new site that has been created in December 2016.  The site may be new but is already packed with useful information that will help anyone at any moment.  Tech Online Guide is packed with ‘How To’ articles that will give you detailed instructions on how to get common issues solved.

The Best Site for Quick Technology Fixes for Social Workers

Solve problems with your computer

Pretty soon you will probably be able to solve just about any issue you might have with your computer.  You can already get solutions for the most common computer issues like How You Can Get Help in Windows 10 or how to disable Firewall in Windows.

Quick fixes for popular website issues

Websites like online stores are perfect for social workers that are in need of resources that are not available in certain areas.  Tech Online Guide will also offer great articles for the most popular website issues like how to change the shipping address on and much more.

Solve the most common email issues

Email will become as easy as pie with the instructions you receive on this site.  You can find info for the most common email issues such as how to compress your PDF files so emails will send quicker or how to delete a Gmail account.

iPhone hacks that will make life simpler

iPhones are terrific for social work because you can educate people on your iPhone or you can use your iPhone to plan an entire not-for-profit organization thanks to all of the amazing apps available these days.  You can also get info on how to manage your iPhone better and you can get hacks for changing the language on your iPhone or for checking data usage on iPhone.

Much more coming soon

As said before, Tech Online Guide was created in December 2016, and because the site is still brand new, creator Zahid Iqbal, is still working on populating the site with useful tech articles.  The site is already tremendously useful and will definitely be the best website for common tech issues that all of us seems to struggle with.