Basics of a Good Foster Care Home

As a government social worker, you need to know the basics of a good foster care home.  Social care workers constantly need to be on the lookout for a safe haven for children that have been traumatized or endangered.  Perhaps you are even considering a foster care home of your own?  These foster care families frequently help save the lives of children and they are so important in our society.  But what are the basics of a good foster care home?  Here is a quick list of must-haves in every foster care home.

Basics of a Good Foster Care Home

Basics of a Good Foster Care Home

Home insurance

When you are dealing with plenty of different children of all sorts of traumatic backgrounds you really do need to play it safe.  Teenagers and even young kids that come from broken families can be pretty destructive when they have no idea on how to control their emotions or when they don’t know how to deal with all of that rage in a controllable way.  Home insurance is one of the basics in foster care homes.  With home insurance, you are covered against property damage that might occur when you are fostering children with a difficult background. On Alliance 321 you can check out the cheapest home insurance quotes in Florida and secure your home and belongings.


Sheltering is one of the basic needs of a child.  Children in foster care need a comfortable and warm bed to sleep in, they need access to bathroom facilities and running water.  Your foster care home should have a bedroom and bathroom for the children in your care program.


Safety is an ultimate must-have for children in foster care.  There is always a risk that angered parents and family members might show up on your doorstep.  Your home needs good locks and a good alarm system.

Emotional security

Emotionally your household should be stable.  Every family has their ups and downs but violence, aggressive behaviors, constant arguments and other destructive traits shouldn’t be part of your household.  A good foster care home is stable, reliable and compassionate towards problematic children.

Social interaction

While children are in foster care they shouldn’t feel like they are locked up.  The move is already traumatizing to children and can even give them the impression that they are to blame for the situation at home.  Social interaction with other children and other family members should be allowed and social interaction with the public, in general, should be promoted.  This means plenty of outings for your family if the child is capable of handling these outings on an emotional level.


Education is one of the basics every child has a right to.  Your foster care home should be in a position to enable a child to still attend school.

Psychiatric treatments

Children in foster care need to see a psychiatrist to evaluate their emotional state.  Those that need help should get recommended therapy sessions.  Those that seem all right should also be evaluated. As a foster care home owner, you should be in a position to take your foster child to therapy sessions.

While all of these basics are critical for your foster care home the one thing that you need above all is love.  Love is so important for those that went through so much.  With these basics and love, you can have a successful foster home that will help plenty of young kids find their way.