How Social Workers Can Start Trading Options

A little bit of extra cash on the sideline is always welcome, even more so when you are a social worker.  Most social workers don’t earn a whole lot of money.  This is not the type of job you get into because of the paycheck.  Those that pursue a degree in social work do it for their love of people, children, the world and their community.  Social workers strive to make the world a better place to live in and to help those that need an extra hand.  These fierce individuals often endure endless challenges associated with abuse, neglect, drug and alcohol abuse, need, poverty and much more.  When your paycheck is on the thin side and the people you are helping out are always in need of money you can bet that a bit of extra spending money on the sideline can be tremendously beneficial. This is exactly why social workers should get into options trading.

What is options trading?

Options trading involve buying and selling certain securities with the main goal of making a profit.  Options trading is usually linked to an expiry date after which no transactions can be done for a particular security.  This short-term trading method is often incredibly quick paced which is exactly what makes it such an interesting and often lucrative trading investment.

How to get into options trading?

Getting into options trading is quite tough, especially if you don’t want to end up losing a lot of cash.  One of the biggest mistakes that options traders make is by taking on this activity without proper knowledge on trading platforms, trading methods, the economic wealth of certain securities and especially by attempting to trade without a strategy.  The first thing you will need to do is learn all there is to know about steady options.

Straddle Option is a good place to start

There is a lot to understand and learn about options trading.  Terms like the theta, gamma, vega, put and call should be as common to you as any normal language before you get into trading with real money.  Straddle Option is a fantastic place to start if you want to know more about options trading.  This article explains all the basics for you with regards to option trading and you can also check out some videos that will explain the basics of options trading and option trading platforms as well as securities for you.

Learn your strategies

Another important starter point to focus on is to figure out how different trading strategies work.  With the right trading strategy, you can minimize losses and maximize profits which will enable you to make the most out of each and every trade.

Once you understand the basics of options trading and know more about trading strategies you can start trying your hand at real option trading. is a good site to check out for more information on options strategies and it is a good place to use if you want to use the right trading software.…

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Why Clean Homes Are Important For Child Welfare

Social workers frequently conduct home visits for children in their programs.  This is because the state of a home can give social workers valuable clues on the type of childcare that is provided in a home.  A clean home doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t a problem in a family.  Plenty of children that grow up in clean and tidy homes still endure plenty of hardships with regards to abuse.  Abuse and especially neglect is however much more common in families that live unhygienic.  It is also incredibly important for the child to have a clean and hygienic living environment so children can learn good ethical standards and so they can enjoy optimized health.  Here is how the state of a home can affect a child’s health:

Carpets and children’s health

Carpets can be difficult to keep clean and professional cleaning services are usually recommended for children’s health.  This is because of a lot of germs, dust mites and pollen can get caught and breed in carpets.  No amount of sweeping or vacuuming can get rid of these stubborn disease-bearing microbes.  Children that crawl, walk and play on dirty carpets are incredibly vulnerable to disease because of the high amount of germs that are hidden away. The only way to create a healthy home environment for carpeted homes is by getting a professional cleaning service like to come out and deep clean carpets.  These professionals will deep wash the carpets and will remove any dirt, mold, and germs so children can enjoy optimized health.

Linen and children’s health

It is important to wash linen at least once a month.  This is because a lot of germs can breed in linen and linen is also a great hiding place for lice and bed bugs.  Lice and bed bugs can have a huge impact on the overall appearance and health of a child and is a definite sign of neglect.

Clean cutlery and children’s health

Parents that don’t do their dishes frequently enough put their children’s health at risk because dirty dishes tend to attract cockroaches, rats and other disease-bearing pests that can harm children.  The dirty dishes themselves can also result in food poisoning.

Upholstery and children’s health

Upholstery has the same tendency to harbor dirt and germs as carpets and should also be cleaned professionally about twice a year.  With clean upholstery, children won’t be exposed to quite as many germs that can affect their immune system.

Bathroom hygiene

It is also important for a child to have access to clean bathroom facilities.  This is the one part of the home that is frequently neglected in inadequate parents and it is the most common place for children to get terrible diseases including sexually transmitted diseases.

Every child has the right to live in a clean and healthy environment and it is the responsibility of every parent to provide this environment to a child.  Professional cleaning services are the ultimate solution for parents that find it hard to get the time to properly clean out their homes and these cleaning solutions are a must for a safe and clean living environment.…

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Why it is so Important to Have a Good Resume

Many people understand the importance of a resume, but there are not many that understand what a good resume is all about. A good resume could be the difference between you getting that dream job, or sticking to that old job that you hate so much and only work since you have to put food on the table. In this article, we are going to discuss why it is so important to have a good resume. A resume is your first impression to the potential employer, and it is important that you make impressive. Below are some of the formats that the resumes can come in:

A chronological resume

This resume starts off with the most recent employment history or education, showing the dates in a timeline. It emphasizes the job titles that you’ve held and the employment history over the skills you have, working best for people with a stable employment progression. This will work best for you if:

  • If you have a stable employment history.
  • Staying in the same field.
  • If your job titles show increased responsibility and higher position levels.
  • Your past job titles match employer job requirements.

A functional resume

This one focusses more on the skills that you have and not your job history, and works best for:

  • Graduates and those wanting to make a career change
  • Those wanting to highlight specific skills, knowledge, or abilities.
  • You’re re-entering the job market after an absence.
  • If you have a variety of different or unrelated work experiences.
  • You have large gaps in your work history

Resumes should have the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • Career Profile – summary of skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills

Resume Writing

There are many people that don’t know how to write resumes, but that shouldn’t be a problem because they could always seek the help of professional resume services. A resume consultant NYC, should be able to write up the sort of resume that you need for whatever job you’re chasing after. Cover letters and resumes could be quite a challenge to write, and especially for those that have just graduated and have no experience at all. This could make them loose out on great job opportunities that they would have snatched up if their resumes were more appealing. This is where companies like the NYC Resume, Interview & Online Prep come in, drafting for you professional resumes and cover letters that will ensure that you get those jobs. They can be a great influence and the reason why you’re going to get that job you’ve been waiting for such a long time. Some of the services that they offer include:

  • Resume writing services
  • Cover letter writing services
  • Professional bio writing services to showcase your professional achievements, credentials, and highlight awards or recognition
  • They teach you how to make your LinkedIn profile look professional


A good resume is a must if you’re after getting that dream job, and if you feel that you’re not up to writing it, don’t miss out on that job when you can seek the services of professionals.…

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Types of Social Work You Can Do Online

Being a social worker is the greatest job you can ever find. It gives you a sense of responsibility, hopefulness and of giving something back to the world. No matter what type of social work you do, you should feel proud of yourself because you are achieving something much more than a mere payment. The internet has made social work easier. There are countless platforms where you can get help and sign up to be a social worker. There are different types of social work performed on the internet. According to your skills, find one and assist the world to become a better place.

Offer legal advice

You can find many ways to get legal help if you are the victim. However, the challenge comes when you are being blamed for a crime you might not have committed, and you need help in that. is the best website to get information regarding legal matters. They are an organization that has a notable web presence. They offer aid online, and they provide details regarding any offense you might or might not have committed. From small issues to big problems, these folks have the solution to every problem. They do not even charge you for the advice they give. You can set up a meeting with them if you are in the area and they will guide you on how best to tackle the trouble you are in. They do what is best for your future. They understand the complexity of a criminal offense, and they do everything in their power to help you out.

Be a listener

By being a listener, you agree to help the depressed individuals around the world who have no one to talk to and who are all alone. There are many places on the internet where you can find platforms which allow you to become a listener. This type of social work takes up time. You need to be present and spend a few hours daily to deal with people. If you have the time to spare, you should become a listener. However, you also need to be sure you can understand people properly and be an active listener. Several people do not possess the ability to deal with individuals who are going through hard times. There is nothing wrong with being this person, but you should become a listener.

Connect people and places

Nowadays, the internet is a tool of communication where lost family, friends and individuals can find a home. Sometimes, folks do not have the correct information of the places they should go to or contact if they are in trouble. You can be a social worker that aids such people in getting to the places they are looking for. The various platforms opened for this purpose are a great service. You can join one of these platforms and start serving people from today.

Maintain a self-help website

If you know the tricks and tips to maintain a healthy life, you should start a self-help website. Such a website can be useful for people who want to be the best version of them. These motivational platforms compel people to get up and do something productive. Self-help websites are top-rated now, and they will keep on increasing. You should launch your website within a few weeks if you want to capture the interest of more people. Make the website catchy and attractive and use SEO tools to break into the market.…

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