Wedding Ideas for Social Workers

Social work is one of those careers in which you can genuinely effect a person’s life.  There’s no doubt in the fact that social workers have it tough, so when it comes to a little ‘me-time’ for them, it’s imperative that every second should count. If you’re a social worker who has their own wedding coming up and you haven’t been in touch with the ‘wedding scene’ lately, here are some fun and unique wedding tips for you.

Raw Bars

The raw bar can be a spotless, rich, cocktail hour presentation. Rather than heaps of shrimp and shellfish, you can opt for a ‘grab and go’ sea food assortment, including small plates of clams on a bed of ocean salt and individual shrimp mixed drink shooters in clear glass votive holders. Emphasize the menu with a topping bar: Cocktail, mignonette, lemons, and horseradish displayed in martini, highball, and rocks glasses. Small scale containers of Tabasco sauce will finish the look. Have decorative designs peppered over the raw bar, with hues complimenting the seafood.

Wedding Ideas for Social Workers

A Healthy Cocktail Bar

Disregard signature cocktails and plan a special bar offering a restricted menu of beverages all with something in common between all of them. While a few couples may settle on a tequila bar or a martini bar, you can likewise go the non-alcoholic course.

Help your guests remain healthy by serving health cocktails that incorporate freshly pressed juices and crisp herb accents.

Smaller Bridal Parties

The times of huge wedding gatherings are no more, and professionally, we couldn’t agree more. Nowadays brides don’t need the bother of listening to their friends complain about the dress and shoes they need to buy. And keeping in mind that not being a bridesmaid can save your companions up to $1000 or more, you can save cash as well, in light of the fact that you don’t need to purchase attendant gifts, bridesmaid bouquets, or bouts for the groomsmen.

Black and White Photography

Alongside the resurgence of film, black and white photography has made a major rebound in popularity as couples look for timeless pictures to add a touch of vintage to their weddings. When talking wedding photographers, make a point to inquire as to whether they can shoot both in color as well as black and white, and afterward ensure he or she catches formal portraits, subtle elements, and special moments in both. Use the Wedding Color Palette maker to choose colors for your wedding theme, and make sure that those are photographed nicely.

Craft Decor Elements

There has been an expansion in requests for craft and textural elements, for example, paper, yarn, buttons, felt, and rope to be joined into bundles, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and flower themed elements. This style is frequently found in brides who are moving from the DIY portion once again into the conventional and traditional floral design organizations. These same brides regularly play with the numerous vintage and bequest pieces on their tables.…

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Movies Every Social Worker Should See

Of course, we understand that every movie on our list won’t be as impactful to some as it is to others. However, we also feel that social workers need to understand just how valuable they are to society. The social work field is rife with triumph and heart break, as are the movies every social worker should see. We think it is hugely important to embrace life from a realistic stance. That should help you feel less alone in your field and calling.

Feel free to visit FlixList Canada to see which movies on our list are readily available to you. Netflix is an excellent source of movies and TV shows that could have profound repercussions on your personal and professional life. And, there’s no doubt that the movies on this list will have that affect as well. Feel free to look them up on FlixList.

Movies Every Social Worker Should See

7 Movies to Add to Your Must See List

Social work is an admirable field of study. It allows you to directly impact the world around you by having access to people who need your guidance and support. The movies on our list will be representative of your field of interest and are therefore, 7 movies to add to your must see list. Check them out:

  1. Precious– This film made a lot of noise in the social work world. Mariah Carey is a social worker attempting to help a woman named Precious. Precious’ story is one of great pain and abuse. Yet, Mariah Carey’s character is able to free her from that cycle and open her eyes to hope.
  2. Who Cares about Kelsey– If you’re looking for a film based on real life events, this is a good one to consider. A school in New Hampshire provides assistance to kids with emotional and behavioral challenges through its social work program. The main character is much like Precious, an abuse survivor.
  3. Chains of Gold– Perhaps not one of John Travolta’s claims to fame, this movie is worth considering, even though it never made it to the big screen. Travolta is a social worker who is also an ex-alcoholic. His character rescues a boy from drug dealers and their violent gangs.
  4. Tough Love– Consider this documentary about trying to bring children home to the people that love them. It is an in depth view of the complexity of the child welfare system.
  5. The Waiting Room– Uninsured patients deserve decent care too. This documentary reveals the heartaches and realities of those who work at, or are served by, Highland Hospital in California.
  6. Inequality for All– Let’s talk money and the expansive economic gaps occurring in America. Robert Reich reveals the speed in which income inequality is spanning across the US.
  7. Walking in Oak Creek– View this disturbing documentary about the Sikh community in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Wade Michael Page, a white supremacist, killed six people in a Sikh Temple back in 2012. Yet, these people chose to hold peace rallies and fight to end violence rather than loot and destroy like many other groups have done in the recent past.

Some of these films will offer you an intriguing look into the human psyche. Others will leave you broken for the pain some choose to inflict on others. If you are interested in watching other socially applicable films, this is a good article.…

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Technology’s Impact on Social Work

In years gone by, social workers and others in the helping fields were protected by the fact that clients only had access to them in the office. While technology has certainly opened new and beneficial doors, it has also created quite a conundrum in the social work field. When clients have access to us through emails, texts, social networking, and other means, how are we to protect their confidentiality and still keep ourselves properly separate from them and their issues? It’s time to look at technology’s impact on social work.

If your personal cell phone preference happens to be an iPhone, you may find yourself in need of a new battery. You can visit Amazon and buy here. This way, when your phone blows up with client texts, you will be less concerned about battery usage. The CE/ROHS certified battery you will acquire, for under $20, will bring your phone back to like-new-functionality. And, you can learn how to install the new battery via YouTube. That will allow you to readily return to the pressing issues your clients have. However, something will have to give because text messages could come in all day long if you don’t set proper boundaries.

Technology’s Impact on Social Work

Technology and Social Work Ethics

While at first glance, text messages don’t seem problematic, the truth is, when a suicidal client texts at 3 am, decisions must be made. Will you blow off confidentiality and contact law enforcement? Will you risk unsupervised conversations? And will you willingly, donate your time, as you probably won’t get paid for that investment? These are important questions and their answers might change your stance on the use of technology with your clients.

Consider the ethical questions that can arise when an employer asks the social workers on his/her team to use their cell phones for work purposes. Consider these questions in case your boss wants you to start using your phone to handle issues with your clients:

  1. Are bosses allowed to ask you to use your personal cell phone?
  2. Will state law require them to pay you for that usage?
  3. Can they make you answer calls/texts outside of work hours?
  4. What about when you are on vacation?
  5. If you do respond outside of normal hours, will the boss be responsible for your conduct?
  6. Will they have to protect you legally and ethically in any malpractice issues that might arise? Read this.
  7. If you don’t respond to clients outside of working hours, are you responsible for what may occur?
  8. How will you ensure that confidentiality is kept while on the call or through texts?

The Answers

As much as we would like to offer you some very specific, black and white answers to those questions, we simply can’t. Every situation is different and the ethics behind the responses are case sensitive. However, we do know that if an agency expects various forms of technology to be utilized by you and your clients, that technology should be provided by them. It should never be your personal equipment.

And, you need to ensure that your professional boundaries are adhered to in all situations and circumstances. Do not deviate from the NASW Code of Ethics for any purpose. Using your personal phone will violate those boundaries. Clients in crisis, will need to reach out to the appropriate authorities in the middle of the night rather than calling on you, so long as those boundaries remain intact.

If you need more information on this topic there is a great article located here.…

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