Distress and Social Work

You have completed your course work and passed your licensure testing, now you are ready to enter the world of compassionate yet, ethical, social work. Unfortunately, your teachers couldn’t and didn’t prepare you for the heartbreaking reality of your career.

When you face the anguish of a child victim of repeated sexual abuse, and the hollowness in the eyes of the child who watched his father murder his mother, something inside you will wonder if you have taken the wrong career path. And you’re not alone in that feeling. Many enter this field with high expectations of saving the world only to find the world weighs far too heavily on them.

Distress and Social Work

The truth is, the field of social work can bring great amounts of distress, trauma, and burnout and compassion fatigue (read about that here). So how do you keep trudging along and keep making a difference in the lives of your clients? Here are some steps to stay strong and continue caring at the same time:

Boundaries- Establish firm and steadfast boundaries for yourself and your clients. Don’t take on their struggles as your own and don’t allow your personal life to intrude upon your professional life (and vice versa). This is often easier said than done, but it is a necessity to maintain your emotional well-being.

Rest- Your job is harder than you probably ever realized. It’s important that you take time to rest. Make sure you have the best memory foam mattress on the market so that your sleep will always be rejuvenating. But also go on vacation, enjoy the ocean, the mountains, and the stars. Allow yourself to just take some time to unwind and refuel. You need time to yourself so don’t be afraid to take it.

Stay Connected- The easiest way to get overburdened and weighted down is to remain in isolation. Make sure you have established an excellent core group of people who are fun to be around, understand you well, and can support you when things get challenging. Allow them to show you the empathy, compassion and care that you are working hard to dole out. You will need that refreshment too.

Exercise- There is some evidence that supports the quote, “Move a muscle, change a thought.” Whenever the job gets overwhelming, makes you anxious, sad or feeling defeated, do something active. Exercise releases endorphins, remember? Those are the feel good hormones you need. Besides, when you are working out, running, hiking, etc. you won’t have time to focus on the ouches of the daily grind; your body will be speaking much louder. Click this for more information on the value of exercise for you.

Pray- Lift your concerns to God and allow the peace that passes understanding to fill you. That quiet time will be great for your mind and soul. You will find newly invigorated strength, faith and compassion supplied that will enable you to continue through the pain.

There are so many other recommendations for limiting the distress involved in the career of social work. You might want to read more about it as these are insights from professional social workers whom have been in their careers long enough to have learned a few things about how to keep themselves mentally and emotionally fit for the trying job they have.

Remember, “should” is a bad word. Don’t judge yourself against others, you’re each on your own journey. Just do your best, care well, and follow these suggestions.…

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How Social Workers Can Protect Themselves

Social workers are often exposed to upsetting information.  This can include evidence of incidences of abuse, neglect, and other mistreatment, as well as a variety of other crimes committed against a person.  With such things being at the forefront of their everyday work, it is important to protect yourself during your down time by ensuring those you surround yourself with are truly the people you believe them to be.

In order to better assess the people in your life, consider these tips for ensuring that everything is on the up-and-up before you invite someone new into your life.

How Social Workers Can Protect Themselves

Service Providers or Contractors

Many people don’t take a lot of time to investigate the people who they invite into their homes to perform services or complete various kinds of remodeling or construction work, even if investigating information is part of their daily work lives, as can be in the field of social work.  Failing to do so can compromise more than your financial security, but your general safety.

In order to make sure you hire the right person, or business, for the job, and that they are a legitimate company operating legally within your state, take the time to do the same level of research you would when investigating a social work issue at work.

For example, make sure the business is properly licensed and/or bonded as required by state law, and that the business has a permanent operating location within the area.  Take the time to get multiple bids, as a bid that is well below the average may be a warning sign of subpar work or materials.  If they ask for a deposit, make sure that it falls within the legal range as dictated by state law, and only consider working with an individual who creates a formal contract regarding the work to be performed.

New Personal Relationships

With the popularity of online dating continuing to rise, making sure that you take precautions before meeting someone new is critical.  Just as you would investigate accusations made against a person as part of your profession, extend some of those techniques to those you meet online.

One quick step is to complete a basic background check.  With the number of online background checking options available online, getting advice from a review site, such as http://backgroundhawk.com/ can help you figure out which options will work best for your situation.

Make sure that you meet the new person in a public place, especially for the first meeting.  This can help increase your overall safety by being near other people.  If possible, consider meeting during the day, when the sun is up.  Additionally, do not have them pick you up at your home, as this presents an extra level of risk.

When possible, if you must drive to the meeting location, park your car out of sight of the front of the business.  Instead, park in a well-lit, nearby area, as this will prevent the person you are meeting from being able to identify which car is yours.

When in doubt, call in some backup.  Just as you wouldn’t go to a home visit without someone being aware of your location, you can choose not to go to a meeting alone.  This can include having a friend or family member accompany you on the trip.  They can enter the meeting place separate from you, and sit in an area that gives them a direct line of sight to your location.  Once the meeting is complete, they can accompany you to your vehicle, ensuring you are never alone if things do not appear to be going well.…

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Try Therapeutic Photography

As a social worker you have been inundated with a vast amount of therapeutic suggestions. While you may not be considered a therapist, we all know that your job involves helping people in the best ways you can. Sometimes therapy can be fun and now you can explain the values of photographic therapy to your clients and colleagues.

Photography opens the door for people to share their feelings and ideas even when words evade them. Visual diaries are great ways to keep track of the journey to health and wellness. Photography for beginners might be a intimidating but with a little advice and practice even the least experienced photographers can convey emotion and ideas through the pictures they take.

Before we continue, let’s make sure we understand the difference between PhotoTherapy and therapeutic photography. The first is done in the midst of therapy and the latter is done as therapy. We are discussing the latter because social workers do not offer therapy but can suggest therapeutic methods to work through troubling situations.

Try Therapeutic Photography

Organizations that Support Therapeutic Photography

There are several organizations that are designed to assist and grow the area of therapeutic photography. These establishments seek to further the health and well-being of those they work with. So, when you are looking for ideas for your clients these are great resources:

  • Photovoice- Focusing on the marginalized and disadvantaged, this group utilizes photography as a tool for growth, empowerment and change. You can read more about them here.
  • PhotoSensitive- This collective of photographers is a non-profit organization focused on bringing social issues to the forefront of modern thought via provoking photography. If you’re interested in them you can read more.
  • PhotoTherapy Centre- This entity provides great advice about using photography as therapy. They also delve into the deeper issues and benefits of this form of therapeutic help. There’s more to learn about them here.

Photography Evokes Emotion

If you have ever taken the time to sit with an elderly individual and look through the pictures he/she has collected over the years, you have undoubtedly heard the stories and emotions attached to each one. Photography does just that, it tells us a story. And when people are asked to tell a story about their lives and emotions, through the lens, much can be revealed. Some can be healed.

Therapeutic photography opens the door to self-awareness and evaluation. It can reduce social exclusion by creating the catalyst necessary for people to interact with the world around them.  There are a number of additional benefits as well:

  • Improving family relationships
  • Strengthening communities
  • Activating positive social change
  • Improving intercultural relationships
  • Enhancing visual literacy skills
  • Sharpening education
  • Expanding research

Photography has more value than previously considered. If you think about your initial reaction to the idea of therapeutic photography you were probably a little cynical. What do old pictures have to do with healing hearts? Photos are more than the images on the page or the screen, they are the thoughts, story and emotion behind the image.

This is what makes a difference and can incite change in the lives of your colleagues and clients. In fact, it’s probably a great idea to try the method yourself. Join one of the therapeutic photography communities mentioned above, or elsewhere, and see if some of their projects don’t impact your life. Photography has power and now you can share.…

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Suicide Prevention Ideas for Social Workers

When the sadness gets overwhelming, when hard times lead to despair, some people turn to suicidal ideology. Social workers are actively involved in the lives of people in the midst of struggles. These struggles can oft times seem too much to bear. How can a social worker help when it comes to suicide prevention?

Before we consider some steps, let’s first understand that suicidal individuals often feel like they are alone in their misery. They are convinced of two things: no one cares and it is never going to get better. One of the best methods to aid in preventing suicide is being engaged in the lives of those around you. When we pay attention to people who are hurting we become more in tune with the signs that suicide might be on their mind. There are other ways to help as well…

Suicide Prevention Ideas for Social Workers

Help Prevent Suicide

No one wants to lose someone, but surviving the loss of someone who took his/her own life is far more devastating. There is always that surety that it could have been different, that somehow the event could have been stopped. Here are some possible ways to reach out to people considering suicide:

  • Look for the signs. People who have recently suffered some sort of trauma are at a potential risk. If they start talking about death, wanting to give things away, withdrawing, and talking about how alone and isolated they feel, it is probably time to get them some help.
  • Begin to help. Sometimes people just need you to be there and listen. They don’t want you to tell them how to fix it or give them pat answers. They want to know you understand how deeply they are hurting. Empathy is a tremendous assistant in these instances. Let them know you are concerned and if necessary seek professional help.
  • Don’t mince words. No one wants to hear you sugar coat the extremity of his/her pain. Ask him/her point blank if suicide is an option.
  • Determine capability. If they have admitted that suicide is on their minds, it’s time to assess the situation. Are they capable of killing themselves? Do they have access to the methods they’ve considered? If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative, then more drastic measures are necessary.

Professional Alternatives

Sometimes you just aren’t prepared or equipped to handle the gravity of someone considering suicide. However, as a professional, you do have access to other entities that can provide that personal and confidential assistance to the person you are concerned about. Consider these organizations:

  • SAMHSA- Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration- You can learn more about their programs and suggestions by clicking here.
  • NIMH- National Institute of Mental Health- Their recommendations are also valuable and can be read here.
  • Dove Press– Dove Medical Press- They will keep you abreast of all sorts of medical and social developments.

Understand that in your position as a social worker you are not alone. The weight of the world is not on your shoulders and sometimes you just can’t help. That’s why there are other professionals specifically trained to assist those with mental health issues. You can utilize the organizations above to better learn how to handle your clients whom are considering suicide as an option. As you have no doubt been told, suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem. You can help be part of the solution.…

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How Social Workers Can Stay Clued Up On Politics

Social workers have some of the noblest jobs out there.  Their work is helping to save the lives of children and to improve the lives of those in need.  But it is tough work.  As a social worker you probably see lots of things that would result in endless sleepless nights and lots of nightmares. It can be easy to get so caught up in the troubles and worries involved in social work that you lose track on all other important things in life that requires your attention such as politics and general entertainment.  It is however important for social workers to stay clued up on politics so you will know what is happening in the world around you so you can make the right decisions when it comes to support and voting.

How Social Workers Can Stay Clued Up On Politics

Watch the news in general

The best way to stay clued up on politics is to watch news in general.  Most major happenings in a country gets discussed on the news and you can relax comfortably in front of the TV while you get clued up on all the major battles and struggles that is happening in parliament.  Watching the news is also terrific for finding out what is happening in other countries and for improving your general knowledge so you can be an interesting and clued up person with multiple interests in your world.

Follow social sites of popular political figures

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are terrific for staying clued up on politics because you can quickly get an update on anything major that is happening by simply swiping up and down on your tab during a lunch break.  You can like or follow popular figures like Mark Dubowitz, Barak Obama and more which is bound to keep you updated on all of the major activities that your country is engaged in.

Talk about it

Not everyone is built for talking politics but being able to talk politics is terrific because when you inform others and share your passion with others you are also inspiring them to make the right decisions so their votes will continue to keep children and free people safe.  Politics is also the one type of conversation that you can enjoy with any person from anywhere and is a terrific way to break the ice when you are invited into the houses of some of your clients or some of the families that you are protecting. It is important for you to stay clued up on what popular political figures are doing so you will be able to talk sense when you speak politics.  One of the most popular political figures to stay informed on right now is Mark Dubowitz.  Mark Dubowitz is the executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and an expert in sanctions against Iran.  He and the FDD is the exact person who is keeping you and the children you serve to protect safe from a nuclear war.  Dubowitz could definitely benefit from your support and when you follow news feeds on Dubowitz you will automatically be clued up on all of the major things that is happening in and around your country.…

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Self Care Tips For Social Workers to Stay Healthy

To many, social workers are our guardian angels on earth. Their selfless dedication to service to mankind usually goes unnoticed. Sadly, many social workers are too focused on helping others that they neglect themselves. In a job environment where chronic stress and other health conditions are a reality, health workers need to figure out ways to keep themselves healthy not only for their own good, but for the good of the people they serve. If you’re a social worker looking for self care tips to help you remain healthy during the course of your career read on.

Make time for yourself

One obstacle social workers face when trying to take care of themselves is dedicating all their time to the needs of other people. Although dedicating most of your time towards your work is great, you need to be selfish at times and focus on your needs. Making time for yourself allows you to recover and refresh both physically and mentally. It allows you to enjoy doing things you love to do besides work. Overall, it helps you manage stress better and, prevent burnout.

Seek help where necessary

As a social worker, it’s common not to try and appear vulnerable or weak by seeking help from others. However, were all human and at a point in life, we’ll all need help from someone. Social work can be physically, mentally and spiritually draining. Without help, it can take a toll on your body. It’s therefore recommended that you seek help from a therapist. Therapy sessions can help you get better fulfillment from your work and, help manage stress.

Besides a personal therapist, you should also build a social network of close friends and relatives whom you can count on to listen, empathize and support you all the time.

Eat healthy and workout regularly

Having a healthy body is the key to ensuring that you’re able to get through each day at work. In your highly demanding job, you’ll need a body that’s full of energy and free from disease. Eating healthy always and working out regularly can help you achieve this.

Future Research Possibilities

There are many different peptides currently under research that talk about ways to help the body’s metabolism and immune system by using igf-1 lr3, however this has not been FDA approved yet for human consumption and has only been tested on animals. Click here to read more information on this peptide.

Social Worker

Learn to delegate

As a social worker, there’s only so much you can do every single day. Although you might want to personally handle every responsibility you might have, it’s usually impossible. In addition, handling too many responsibilities at once will easily lead to burnout no matter how good you are at multitasking. Start by delegating some tasks at home. For example, you can assign cleaning duties to your older children. Delegating jobs allows you to have more time to focus and accomplish the tasks that you choose to handle.

Learn to say no or yes more often

Self care requires that you know when to say no or yes. There are situations where saying no could mean avoiding burnout. There are other situations where saying yes might mean an opportunity to catch up with friends and family and have some fun. Learning when to say no or yes demands that you carefully consider the outcome of your consent.  

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Grooming Equipment That Can Help Social Workers Look Terrific On A Budget

As a social worker you probably don’t earn the biggest salary in the world and you are incredibly likely to spend what little money you earn on helping others in need.  You also have to maintain a good and representable look when you are visiting families because you don’t want to scare anyone off by looking like a wild man and you have to be someone that these families can look up to in their time of need.  There are plenty of products on the market that can help you stay groomed and trimmed to perfection and most of these products can actually save you a lot of money so you will have more to give to charity.  The top grooming equipment that you should definitely get if you want to look great on a budget is;

Body groomer

Body groomers works in much the same way as an electric shaver.  The only difference is that they are developed to keep you from cutting yourself when you are shaving hard to reach areas such as your back and they are functional enough to use on just about any part of your body.  With a body groomer you can shave your legs, shoulders, back and even your chest hair if these body hairs are causing unpleasant odors, annoying you or causing embarrassment.  To find the best body groomers you should check out some reviews on the products because these reviews will give you a good idea of the functionality of the different groomers and you will learn all the top pros and cons of each of the different groomers that are currently on the market.

Grooming Equipment That Can Help Social Workers Look Terrific On A Budget

Hair trimmer

A good haircut can do a lot for your look.  Nothing says lazy and unprofessional like an outgrown haircut.  With a good hair trimmer you can save a lot of money because you can cut your hair from the comfort of your own home.  Modern hair trimmers come with different combs and speed settings which allow you to cut your hair in any style imaginable.  You can save money for the rest of your life because you no longer have to visit expensive hairdressers or perhaps even give back to the community by doing some free haircuts for people in need. The only difficult part about hair clippers is learning how to use them.  You can definitely expect quite a few bad hair days while you are learning to cut your hair yourself.

Get an electric shaver

As a social worker you are probably on the move quite a lot and you sometimes have to put in a whole lot of extra hours into your work.  An electric shaver can help you stay clean and shaved no matter how little time you have because you can use these fantastic shavers dry and on the go.  Electric shavers can also give you a much closer and smoother shave and most men experience far less rashes and ingrown hairs when they use electric shavers.…

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Trampoline Choices for Social Workers Who Help Out Children

If you’re a social worker who spends most of his/her time around kids then you must know the importance of choosing the right activities for children which are entertaining yet beneficial. Trampolines are loved by all children, and the best part is that it is a healthy physical activity too. It can be a little overwhelming to choose from the various types of trampolines available so we are here to make your decision a little easier for you.

Trampoline Choices for Social Workers Who Help Out Children

Round, Rectangular and Square Trampolines

Round trampolines are considered as recreational trampolines for home and open air use. Purpose behind this is a nature of ricochet while hopping, as roundabout springs setup dependably pushes you back to the focal point of the bouncing mat, bringing down odds of being harmed. They are scrutinized to 18ft and inside extremely wide value range, contingent upon the quality. Smaller variants, up to 8ft are most appropriate for littler children.

Rectangular trampoline or rectangle trampoline is made for semi-experts and expert gymnasts and in the event that you haven’t got much space, and due to their rectangle shape they may be your best decision. Bob they give is somewhat not the same as round rendition, furthermore, there is an actuality that they are still really costly. In any case, on the off chance that it is inside your value range – put it all on the line!

Square Trampolines are joining the best of both universes – they are enormous and they are sheltered. They are more costly yet you will appreciate each second utilizing it.

As they give somewhat distinctive bob than round trampolines it is generally acknowledged as trampoline for low maintenance gymnasts. Not at all like round trampolines, which have constrained ricocheting abilities, and tend to return jumper to the focal point of the mat, are rectangular trampolines about the stature.

Springless Trampolines

Most secure from all. Furthermore, most costly trampoline for recreational use!

Springless trampolines are the most secure as they don’t utilize any metal springs. It is quite a while old configuration presented by New Zealand`s engineer Dr. Keith Alexander. He found that extensive number of kids were hospitalized and treated for wounds from trampoline.

Smaller than usual trampolines-exercise

In the event that you live in a flat or you’re truly constrained by space, a small scale trampoline may very well be what you’re searching for your instructional meeting. Scaled down trampolines will be best other option to the exercise centers in chilly winter evening. They are sufficiently little to be imperceptible in the inside and after that again could be exactly what you have to include “a touch of individual touch” to your living zone. Next, they are shoddy. Great quality small scale trampolines can be found for $50 or even less at blowout deals. Just relies on upon your necessities!

Exercise on scaled down trampolines influences entire body, this is on the grounds that bouncing back influences all joints similarly (knees and lower legs), so when contrasted with running on level surface which makes problem areas on specific regions. Attempt and see a distinction!

Best Mini Trampolines

Inflatable Trampolines

Sumptuous Water Trampolines or Standard Inflatable Trampolines? Which ever you pick – You will have most pleasant a great time.

Water renditions are genuinely costly and are for the most part utilized as a rental service. If you do claim it, you will have a fabulous time utilizing it. At lease your companions will 🙂

More regular are inflatable trampolines which are utilized by little children to draw in and standard the inflatable palace.

Trampolines for children and toddlers

Customized precisely for the most youthful, children trampolines are viewed as most secure, as they can be, as strength of your dearest is accomplished through a few inventive arrangements, from additional cushioned and delicate edge to premium nook frameworks.…

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Benefits of a Sump Pump

A sump pump is a pump intended to expel water develop from storm cellars and crawlspaces and securely store it through the waste water arrangement of a house. The operation of a sump pump is moderately straightforward, despite the fact that their establishment is more confounded.

Do you require a sump pump? We’ll list some off the upsides of having one to help you settle on that decision.

Benefits of a Sump Pump

Following are the advantages:

Prevent flooding damage: Although sump pumps will help you with avoiding issues that the continuous develop of water in a cellar can bring about, they truly demonstrate their convenience when managing substantial scale flooding. At the point when substantial downpours trigger a surge of water into your storm cellar, you can rapidly have 15 inches of surge water covering the floor and harming just about everything inside, which can be particularly destroying in the event that you store significant things in the cellar. With a working sump pump, this debacle can be turned away effortlessly.

Reduce threat of mold and mildew: Continual sogginess inside a storm cellar from water in stagnant pools will add to the development of mold and buildup. Not just are these both harming to building material, yet they are wellbeing issues too. A sump pump keeping a cellar dry will keep form and mold from taking a few to get back some composure.

Lessen the danger of fire: from the beginning, this may seem like a bizarre point of interest for a framework that should keep the ascent of water. In any case, flooding is one of the key reasons for electrical fires to begin in your home. The water will cut off apparatuses in the cellar, for example, clothing machines, water radiators, and warming frameworks. In this way, besides destroying these significant machines, water can likewise make a fire peril. A sump pump will keep the water from debilitating hardware that could trigger family fires.

The Pump and the Pit

Some sump pumps work on a platform, yet to get the full advantages (and additionally giving it a chance to run somewhat more unobtrusively), you for the most part need to introduce the sump pump in a sump pit, which is implicit the least spot in your storm cellar and which gathers the water as it streams in. The pump itself can either be initiated physically or naturally when the waters get adequately high. An impeller then turns, maneuvering the water into the pump, while divergent constrain then pull it up a transfer pipe and out of your storm cellar.

Appropriate Steps

When you’ve chosen to introduce a sump pump, you ought to first decide least point in your home, and then decide how promptly a launch funnel and/or the best possible electrical associations can be set up there. You ought to likewise consider the force levels of your pump with the goal that it can deal with any flooding in your home. Once those variables are secured, a prepared expert can help you decide the best area for your new sump pump, then introduce it with politeness and consideration. If you’re looking to invest in a new sump pump for your house then you should definitely go and check out best wayne sump pump reviews.…

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Hair Loss: The Modern Annoyance

Being a social worker is no walk in the park. You have to be knowledgeable, witty, and always keep a presentable appearance. And this appearance part can be hard to maintain for those with hair loss problems. Hair loss is one of the worst things that can happen to a modern man, and can hamper the effectiveness of his job, reputation, and mostly, self-esteem. To combat hair loss, one must familiarize himself with the best shampoo for hair loss, though that might be a tall order to follow for those inexperienced in the area. If you are someone who has recently come across hair loss issues, it would be wise of you to read on.

What causes hair loss?

This inevitable question haunts the mind of all those poor souls who suffer from this diabolical disaster. Many immediately assume heretics is responsible, and looks through the family tree to find out which grandfather or distant uncle went through the same predicament. While it is true that hair loss is something that can be inherited, most of the times there are underlying causes behind the scenario.

Hair Loss: The Modern Annoyance

First and foremost, improper management of hair is to be blamed. Busy men of these times simply do not have the time to apply the right amount of oil or shampoo to their scalp, leaving the hair lacking the proper nutrition to stay fit and healthy. If you have thinning hair, you best believe that it’s time to head to the nearest nutritionist and ask for a regime to restore chemical balance in your beloved hair.

A variety of medicines can cause hair loss as well. The most troublesome of these are anti-thyroid drugs, which are taken to combat problems in the thyroid. However, improper dosage can lead to a worse case of hypothyroidism, and eventually a shortage of hormone production in the body. This can further lead to bald spots appearing in the head. If you want to find out about more causes of hair loss, read: http://www.askmen.com/top_10/fitness/top-10-causes-of-hair-loss.html


Putting aside all the chemical imbalances and personal lack of hygiene or self-management, there remains one prevalent factor that cannot be overlooked when talking about causes of hair loss. Stress: this one word alone denotes the migraines, depression, and lack of expressions many people go through these modern times. Stress negatively affects the body and can lead to mental disorders as well. But in this case, stress can really get to the head; and damage the scalp badly.

It doesn’t matter if you have a declining hair line or not, stress is something you must manage; or else a lot worse problems will come your way. The best way to handle stress is to reduce workload. You can try relocating your home or your work space to a friendlier environment, or avoid the people who you personally do not prefer. The trick is to keep yourself calm and happy no matter what. Take a trip to the beach with your friends and family. Enjoy the smaller things in life. Live, and let live. Control this chaos called stress and you will not have to worry about sudden hair loss again.…

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