Inspire Others to Do Social Work by Creating a Social Work Blog

It’s hard for social workers to make a difference in the world and in certain communities if you are battling on your own.  One person cannot generate enough cash nor do enough work to make a substantial difference.  You need the donations, help and support of other people to really make a difference in someone’s life.  To get other people involved in your social projects you need to inform them on your projects and on your successes so they will know to lend you a bit of support.  One of the best ways to keep everyone involved and informed of your projects is by creating a social work blog.

Inspire Others to Do Social Work by Creating a Social Work Blog

Why a social work blog is a must

With your blog you can show the world what is happening to certain people and areas.  You can add good explaining articles and photos to create awareness of certain problems in the community such as child abuse, poverty, bullies and much more.  By creating awareness you inspire others to give a helping hand to improve these situations and to perhaps make donations.  A blog is great for social organizations because you can frequently add articles on all your needs and progress to keep the world informed.

Get managed VPS hosting

The best way to create a successful blog is to start it right.  You should get managed VPS hosting for your blog because this hosting method enables you to be much more flexible since you can choose your own server plan to suit your site or blog.  And because your VPS hosting is managed you don’t have to work as hard to maintain and manage your blog because everything is handled for you.  With managed VPS hosting your site or blog is much more secure against hacking, your reduce the chances of downtime and you get a site that performs fantastic no matter how rapidly your site grows and no matter how much content you load on your site.

Get a website or blog

A graphic designer is a must if you want a good looking website or blog.  A graphic designer will create you a professional looking site and can even create you a logo for your organization so more people will be able to recognize you a lot easier.

Learn how to blog

Blogging is not quite as easy as it looks but if you become a successful blogger you can even start earning some money from your blog by allowing adverts onto your blog.  You should learn how to blog and how to write articles so your blog will be interesting and worth a visit.

Promote on social media

The most important step is to actually get started.  Your blogs may seem like a mess in the beginning but will improve as you get better at blogging.  You should also get social media pages and share your blog posts on your social media sites to lure more people to your blog.  The more people you get involved in your social work, the better your chances are at improving the community.…

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Gifts That Every Social Worker Would Love

Social workers are practical people.  They are constantly thinking of practical ways to help people, the community and those in need. Their work is often incredibly hard to do, especially when their work involves families and children and their work is even tougher when there is abuse involved in the work.  Social workers are important.  They change the lives of so many people.  If your life has been changed for the better then it is time to give a small gift of thanks to a social worker who had to go through so much to provide better care for you.  Here are some terrific practical gifting ideas that outstanding social workers would love.

Gifts That Every Social Worker Would Love

Knife sharpener

This is probably one of the most practical gifts you can give.  With a good quality knife sharpener you can keep all your knives extra sharp at all times which is great for making home life a lot simpler.  When knives are sharper you can prepare food much quicker.  The right sharpener will also help you save a lot of money because knives will last a lot longer.  You can visit to have a look at some of the best knife sharpeners currently on the market so you can choose the best sharpener to spoil that special social worker that helped you out.

Custom leather wallet

A custom made leather wallet is a great way to give a super special thank you.  You can get a gorgeous wallet made and get the social worker’s name engraved on the wallet so no one will ever be able to steal it. You will be surprised at just how beautiful some of the modern leather wallets are.

A good torch

The social worker was once a light in your darkness so give thanks by providing them with a light for dark times.  Torches are terrific gifting ideas because they are practical and they can keep someone safe because they reduce the risk of treading onto dangerous creatures in the dark.

Coffee machine

A lot of social workers will take some work home and work for long hours into the night.  You can help them stay awake and refreshed by giving them a coffee machine.  Some of the modern coffee machines will give you perfect coffee with each brew and coffee brewers that works with pods or k-cups will allow the social worker to enjoy various different flavors of coffee with each and every brew.


Lots of social workers give their all when it comes to their work.  They often have hardly anything left for a bit of self-pampering.  You can spoil your social worker a bit by giving a piece of jewelry that reminds them of their generous acts.  Lots of jewelers today can create custom rings, bangles and necklaces.  You can get a special message engraved into jewelry so the social worker can always remember you.

Stationery set

Stationery is something that every social worker uses and would love.  There are some terrific looking stationery sets out there.  Look for something that combines a diary with matching post-its, pens, pencils, erasers, a ruler, stickers and more.…

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Why Social Workers Should Consider Photography

Social work is terrific for the community.  Social workers often make a huge difference in the lives of children, families, women in abusive relationships and even in communities at large.  But the rewards of social work usually end at gratitude.  The path to making a change in the world and in the lives of others often does not lead to a very large pay check.  In fact, a lot of the circumstances involved in social work can end up costing you a lot of money if you simply cannot just turn your back on the situation. This is exactly where photography can come in handy to social workers.

How social workers can benefit from photography

With good photography skills and good photography gear you can make a great change in the lives of others with your social work and you can still earn a great income simply because photography is something you can do on freelance base during flexi hours.  You can do photography on the go as a part time job during weekends, after hours or whenever you have a break from work.

How your photography skills can help others

Most people in need don’t have the money for a camera or camera phone.  They often don’t have any good photos of their family. You can help these individuals out by lending your photography skills to them.  You can supply families with great photos or you can even help the community by taking good photos of struggling businesses to help promote these businesses.

Why Social Workers Should Consider Photography

Learn how to do photography

Creative Live is a great website that you can scout to improve your photography skills and to learn all there is to know about photography as well as other skills like crafts, art, design and more.  They have great online photography tutorials on the following;

Photography Fundamentals – Learn the basics of photography to help you get started.  The fundamentals include information on starter kits, types of photography and much more.

Photography softwareAdobe Photoshop cc is the best photography software and you can learn all there is to know about photo editing and how to use Adobe Photoshop on Creative Live.

Portrait photographs – Portraits are the most commonly used photography skill.  Learn how to take breathtaking portraits and earn a great income.

Outdoor & landscape photographs – These types of photos are great for remembering beautiful holidays and for earning good cash when you sell the photos for commercial use.

Lighting – Lighting is one of the hardest but most essential parts of taking beautiful photos.  You definitely should learn all there is to know about good lighting especially if you are taking indoor photos.

Wedding photographs – Wedding photography is great fun and good money.  You get to take beautiful photos and you have a blast at the wedding.

Business & marketing – Photography done for extra income is not a hobby.  It is a business and you need to know how to market and run your business effectively so you can earn a good and steady income.…

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Every Social Worker Needs a Vacation: Fighting Burnout

Social work is a stressful field.  It can challenge you mentally and emotionally, even if you love the work.  Without taking the time to relax and recharge, you can easily end up facing the signs and symptoms of burnout.  To help you get back to your usual self, so you can do the important work you do, here are some ways to help you defeat the burnout monster before it strikes.

Celebrate Victories (Even the Small Ones)

An excellent way to keep your spirits up is to celebrate every victory, no matter the size.  Even though the work is hard, social workers provide a valuable service to the community.  Any time that hard work yields positive results, take the time to recognize it.  It is easier to keep pushing through the challenges when you stop and appreciate the lights at the end of the tunnels.

Celebrations don’t have to be large, or even long.  Taking a moment to smile after a job well done, or having coworkers gather daily to discuss their successes, can help keep morale higher than not acknowledging the good times.

Every Social Worker Needs a Vacation: Fighting Burnout

Ask for Help When Needed

Social workers are generally the ones who provide help to others, so it can seem foreign to ask someone for help yourself.  However, feeling buried under your workload, or having issues coping with particularly difficult cases, can start a downward spiral that ultimately ends in burnout.  If you are feeling overwhelmed in any part of your life, don’t be afraid to ask for help from coworkers, family, friends, or mental health professionals.  In the end, you’ll be thankful you did.

Be Aware of Secondary Trauma Stress

Secondary trauma stress occurs when the trauma of a client becomes difficult to manage.  It can have signs similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, but the source of the trauma is considered indirect.  Some know the condition as compassion fatigue, though experiencing an event vicariously through a client can also lead to symptoms.  While maintaining an emotional distance is often advised, it is not always easy to switch off that part of your brain.  This is one of those times when asking for help should be a priority, as the effects of the condition can have widespread implications in one’s life.

Maintain Healthy Habits

To keep yourself in the best condition to battle stress, it is important to maintain healthy habits.  Make sure to eat right and take time to exercise.  Keep a regular sleeping schedule, and try to meet recommended minimums on the majority of your days.  Don’t skip doctor or dental appointments if you are feeling unwell, even if you think you are too busy to go.  By taking care of your physical self, you will be better equipped to manage your other selves too.

Take Breaks

Every now and then, all people need a break from their daily grind; social workers are no different.  Make sure you reserve time to yourself.  Unplug from your work email or other job obligations and focus on your wellbeing.  Reconnect with friends and family, or take time off for a vacation.  If there is somewhere you always wanted to see, like Paris or Madrid, find Europe flights and plan a trip.  Sometimes, even knowing a break is on the horizon is enough to lift your spirits.…

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Keeping Your Clients Safe

Social workers are devoted to the health and well-being of their clients. In most instances that well-being revolves around emotional and mental health. However, the physical safety of your clients is just as important. Therefore, keeping yourself well informed of potentially injurious products is highly advisable.

When the swegway came out last year, it was the hottest item on the Christmas list agenda. However, the multitude of problematic issues have all but eliminated it from the market today. You can learn more about the swegway here. But, this is not the only product that could seriously injure your clients. It is time you learned more.

Keeping Your Clients Safe

Why Learn About Recalls?

While recall research is not typically part of the social worker’s agenda, it is something that should be considered. Why? Because your clients are actively involved in the world around them and as such, they might be inclined to purchase materials that could have drastic effects on their health and ability to attend your counseling sessions.

The swegway mentioned earlier, contributed to tons of broken bones and has even been known to start fires. If your clients sustain injury from a product like this, it is highly probable that they will be unable to participate in their therapy plans. It is also possible that the negative experiences could add to their already challenging bouts with depression and anxiety. Knowing what products have been recalled can allow you to protect your client’s fragile emotional positions as well as their physical condition.

Recalls You Should Know About

Although the swegway has not necessarily been included on the recall list, it has been determined to be dangerous and is therefore considerably more difficult to acquire than it was last year around this same time.

However, there are other products on the recall circuit that you should be well aware of. And, though you are not able to write prescriptions, knowing which medications are being recalled can aid you in protecting your clients too. The following items are on the recall lists:

  • Xarelto
  • Husqvarna lawn mowers (read more)
  • Khion ski boots
  • Barstools from LF Products
  • Chimparoo baby carriers
  • Armadillo strollers
  • Wildhorn Outfitters’ hammocks
  • Summer Infant infant bathtubs (learn more)
  • Gleason hand trucks
  • Vioxx
  • Accutane
  • Yaz
  • Risperdal
  • Invega (find more information here)
  • Sargent Arts’ craft paints
  • Glion electric scooters
  • Walmart tripod stools
  • Lenny Lamb infant carriers
  • Toys ‘R’ Us pacifier clips
  • SAHN Designs’ bicycle helmets
  • Graco Milestone child seats
  • COMBI child restraints

These are only a few choice examples of products that your clients might be utilizing in their daily lives. If you know that these brands and designs are being employed, you should assist your clients by letting them know that these products contain dangerous abilities.

In Summation

You went into the field of social work because you saw the potential for an individual’s social environment to either help, or hinder, his/her development. And, you recognized within yourself, the desire to make a difference in the lives of those around you. One way to do so is by keeping well-informed when it comes to those products added to recall lists. You can be a source of additional protection to your clients in this manner.…

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Rewarding social service project ideas

Community social service is simply an individual or a group of people doing something selfless for less fortunate people. It is a fantastic way to meet other like-minded individuals and to make a difference in the world. There are many ways to help those that sometimes cannot help themselves and it is incredibly rewarding at the end of the day to make a difference in someone else’s life. It is fun and interactive to make your chosen community service projects fun. Here are some incredibly rewarding projects that you can engage in and also involve other selfless individuals.

Arrange a race for charity

It is a known fact that people love getting involved in sporting activities nowadays and it would be a fun and interactive community social project to arrange a race for charity. Not only will you be able to collect funds for the less fortunate, you can also include everyone in the race which will come as a breath of fresh air to troubled individuals. Click here for some great ideas for your charity race.

Organize a wheelchair basketball game

This is by far one of the most rewarding social projects to take on. By allowing disabled individuals to participate in a game like basketball you will give them a feeling of belonging and also provide them with the platform to make friends and feel engaged. Be sure to arrange everything ahead of time with facilities that are suitable for disabled players.

Rewarding social service project ideas

Host a fun picnic for troubled teens

It is always a good thing to create a safe space for troubled teens to meet other challenged teens to interact and talk about their experience. A picnic is ideal simply because it involves time spent outdoors and is a fantastic environment for anyone. Be sure to take a look at for valuable tips on how to keep skunks away from your community service picnic.

Have talk out sessions

There is a great way to help traumatized people together. Have interactive talk out sessions in your community. Gather those people that need guidance to share their experiences with each other. It is therapeutic for troubled individuals to share their stories.

Host a motivational session

There are some great people with some great stories out there that will be more than willing to speak about their experience in love and how they were able to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. It will be a great exercise to host a motivational session where various motivational speakers can talk and tell their stories.

Children’s day

Host a children’s day where the main focus will be on children out of broken or abusive homes. Have counselors present to lend an ear but the day should mainly focus on the kids. Fill the day with fun and games in order to keep the little ones occupied with fun and interactive activities. There are many great games that you can feature.  Take a look here for some ideas for your fun children’s day.…

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Ways That You Can Be Socially Responsible

What do you think are the things that will make you be happy? You might think that you can be happy if you would wake up one day and have all the money in the world to buy everything that you desire. You may want to wake up one day and realize that you have already gained the respect of people that you consider to be important in your life but this is not always the case. You know that respect is not given, it is earned.

If you have different things but you are not feeling satisfied, it may be because you are not socially responsible yet. Perhaps you need to help other people more because without helping others, you will not be able to gain a sense of self worth. You do not have to wait for the holidays just to give people the help that they deserve. You can help people whenever you want to. Just remember that when you give, you should do it with all your heart.

Ways That You Can Be Socially Responsible

Remember that in order to become socially responsible, you do not need to do grandiose things. You can just check out Foundation for Defense of Democracies in order to gain some ideas about what you should do. Other things that you can do are the following:

  • Lend your skills to those who are in need.

When was the last time that you did some tutoring? You do not have to be paid to tutor but you can be of help to someone who is in need. It will be different if you would teach your child how to do some lessons. Perhaps you can go to some centers and teach other children some basic things during your spare time. You know that it will give you a sense of fulfilment even if you are not being paid to do it.

  • Help the elderly or the disabled.

Do you know that most elderly people are sad because they do not get enough visitors? Whenever you lend your time to visit with them and speak with them, they tend to feel better. They tend to feel good because you are paying attention to them. It may be a bit different for the disabled. Some physically challenged people do not want to get help from others but there are also some who would love the help that you can offer.

  • Prepare meals for the poor.

You know that there are some people in this world who are not able to eat three times a day. Now is your chance to give them the help that they need by making sure that they can eat. You can cook for them and give them food. Sometimes, you can stay in some centers wherein they can go for the food but there are also times when you can prepare food ahead of time and just give them the food when you see them. A lot of people would appreciate it.

Remember that when you help, you should not do it in order to gain recognition. You should not do it in order to show that you are good. You have to do this out of the goodness of your heart. If you are only doing it for show, then do not bother because it will not count.…

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Who to Look Out For and When to Get Insurance

Social work is a demanding career. You have the weight of the world’s emotional and social issues on your shoulders but you’re not as well compensated as others in the helping profession. Some days you might feel like everyone is out to get you and it’s not because you have paranoid delusions.

The world is an intensely anger-filled, vindictive place. The abundance of lawsuits makes you wonder if you need to hire a prominent lawyer like Martin Chitwood. And, sometimes the weird people you work with make you wonder if you need a bodyguard like Laurence Tureaud (Mr. T.).

Who to Look Out For and When to Get Insurance

Stay Away from these Guys/Gals

Anybody playing the politician in the office is worth avoiding. These people will schmooze their way right into your life and use any information they can get to surpass you in the ranks. Then there are the egomaniacs, who (like roosters) want to constantly crow about their own giftedness but will quite readily remain on the fence rather than make any useful decisions.

There are also people who thrive on negativity, they live their lives like funeral directors waiting for everyone else’s demise. Or you have probably come in contact with tattletales. They want to keep people gossiping and at each other’s throats. They probably work really well with the funeral director types and are best avoided at all costs.

Scorekeeping people are equally troublesome. They will remember the last time you borrowed a client form or an ink pen and will expect it to be replaced 7 fold. You’re better off getting assistance from someone else who won’t hold it over your head. To learn more about who to avoid at work read this.

Time for Some Insurance

The last thing you need at work is people trying to trip you up. But, they are not the only rabble rousers. Sometimes clients are dangerous too. You should consider these things when contemplating the need for malpractice insurance. Doctors aren’t the only ones who need that protection.

  • Determine if you need it. The biggest regret is thinking you don’t and then finding out you do. Having your own policy protects your interests even when a case falls under the agency’s policy. They are in it for themselves and you may be a casualty they are willing to endure.
  • How much will you need? Once you’ve decided a policy is in your best interest you’ll need to decide what amount of coverage is necessary. $1-$3 million is the recommended coverage amount.
  • Check the carrier. You need to ensure that the carrier of your policy is stable. You don’t want to invest a lot of money in an insurance policy that will go under when it’s time to put it into action. Check their ratings with organizations like A.M. Best. The historical stability of the company you choose should be part of the decision making process as well.
  • Don’t freak out. The idea of being sued for malpractice is indeed panic-inducing. However, statistics put social workers at a pretty low risk for being sued. You don’t prescribe meds and generally you don’t work with other types of high-risk clientele. This is just a preventative procedure on your part. You can learn more about malpractice insurance here.

Nobody wants to get sued. As a social worker, your heart is for people, but there are some that are best avoided as mentioned here. And, as a means of protecting yourself investing in malpractice insurance is a good plan. Take these things into consideration.…

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The Advantages of Doing Social Work

There are different professions that are available for people. Some people decide to take up medicine and become doctors while there are also some people like Martin Chitwood who become lawyers. People choose their professions depending on the following:

  • What they want to achieve in life – There are some people who are born achievers and they want to get the best out of all the things that they do.
  • What they truly want to do – People do not just become lawyers because they were forced to do so. They have to like it so that they can continue pursuing their dream.
  • What is expected of them – Some people are not forced to take up certain professions but they want to fulfil the expectation of their parents and family members.

What about you, what profession would you like to have? There are only a few people who are called to do social work but if you have already realized that this is something that you want to do, then knowing more about it will help.

The Advantages of Doing Social Work

If you would like to pursue doing social work but you are not sure what advantages you can get from it, here are some of the things that you can get from it:

  1. You will be able to make a difference with a lot of people’s lives.

You may be someone who has not experienced too many hardships before but you have become exposed to it enough to know that other people are going through some problematic situations every day. Whenever you give the type of help that people need, they will be grateful to you. The feeling of fulfilment that you will get will be hard to replicate when you do other things that are not related to doing social work.

  1. You will meet different people from all walks of life.

Do you know that one great way to become open minded about life is to meet people who are experiencing lives that are different from yours? When you become a social worker, you are not only meeting people that you are going to help, you will also meet other people who love doing social work. You can share stories about each other to get to know each other better.

  1. You will get flexible hours.

If one of your main reasons for having this type of job is because you know that you will not get stuck in the office like other people then this may be the right job for you. You can always decide what type of schedule you want. At the same time, you can also go to different places that you would never think of visiting before.

  1. You can be hired by different employers.

The great thing about social work is that you will not be limited to being under just one company. There are different companies and organizations that can hire you for the type of service that you can give. For example, you can be hired by a school one time and be hired by another organization next time.

With all of these benefits that you know you can get, are you already interested to start doing social work?…

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Distress and Social Work

You have completed your course work and passed your licensure testing, now you are ready to enter the world of compassionate yet, ethical, social work. Unfortunately, your teachers couldn’t and didn’t prepare you for the heartbreaking reality of your career.

When you face the anguish of a child victim of repeated sexual abuse, and the hollowness in the eyes of the child who watched his father murder his mother, something inside you will wonder if you have taken the wrong career path. And you’re not alone in that feeling. Many enter this field with high expectations of saving the world only to find the world weighs far too heavily on them.

Distress and Social Work

The truth is, the field of social work can bring great amounts of distress, trauma, and burnout and compassion fatigue (read about that here). So how do you keep trudging along and keep making a difference in the lives of your clients? Here are some steps to stay strong and continue caring at the same time:

Boundaries- Establish firm and steadfast boundaries for yourself and your clients. Don’t take on their struggles as your own and don’t allow your personal life to intrude upon your professional life (and vice versa). This is often easier said than done, but it is a necessity to maintain your emotional well-being.

Rest- Your job is harder than you probably ever realized. It’s important that you take time to rest. Make sure you have the best memory foam mattress on the market so that your sleep will always be rejuvenating. But also go on vacation, enjoy the ocean, the mountains, and the stars. Allow yourself to just take some time to unwind and refuel. You need time to yourself so don’t be afraid to take it.

Stay Connected- The easiest way to get overburdened and weighted down is to remain in isolation. Make sure you have established an excellent core group of people who are fun to be around, understand you well, and can support you when things get challenging. Allow them to show you the empathy, compassion and care that you are working hard to dole out. You will need that refreshment too.

Exercise- There is some evidence that supports the quote, “Move a muscle, change a thought.” Whenever the job gets overwhelming, makes you anxious, sad or feeling defeated, do something active. Exercise releases endorphins, remember? Those are the feel good hormones you need. Besides, when you are working out, running, hiking, etc. you won’t have time to focus on the ouches of the daily grind; your body will be speaking much louder. Click this for more information on the value of exercise for you.

Pray- Lift your concerns to God and allow the peace that passes understanding to fill you. That quiet time will be great for your mind and soul. You will find newly invigorated strength, faith and compassion supplied that will enable you to continue through the pain.

There are so many other recommendations for limiting the distress involved in the career of social work. You might want to read more about it as these are insights from professional social workers whom have been in their careers long enough to have learned a few things about how to keep themselves mentally and emotionally fit for the trying job they have.

Remember, “should” is a bad word. Don’t judge yourself against others, you’re each on your own journey. Just do your best, care well, and follow these suggestions.…

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